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Disney Wedding Photo of the Day!


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Does proposals count??



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I should have some in about 318 days...
I know how you feel. I planned the above pictures you see for close to 300 days. It was painful to wait and also a bit nerve racking. I couldn't wait to be there in the moment of the Wishes fireworks to ask and then when the show actually started man I was nervous. I knew the entire show by heart and listened to the music over and over for almost a year to pick the perfect moment to ask. I was afraid that I was going to forget or something. LOL. It went by so fast it was crazy when the show started. I couldn't believe how quickly the show flew by and it was actually time for me to ask her to marry me for real.

Wish I could do it again.
Hi all! I am very new to posting to the boards but I enjoy reading the posts - I love the stories and all of the great information here! I also love seeing everyone's pictures! My husband and I were married at the wedding pavillion on 08/04 of this year and it couldn't have been a more perfect day for us! We were also fortunate enough to do the Magic Kingdom photo session - that was the BEST! To anyone planning a wedding or even thinking about getting married in Disney World ~ I would encourage you to just go for it ~ and Best Wishes! Thanks to everyone for sharing their awesome pictures!

Would love if there were pictures of everyone inside wedding pavillion. Would also be nice to see some from Magic Kingdom photo shoot. Can't wait till March, so I can then post my own pics.
Thanks so much Abbeysmom! And i will tell you that it literally took me 10 seconds to spot that dress and know that it was THE ONE! :sohappy: It was nice not having to "shop" for a dress.

Oh, and i also saw that someone asked for pics from inside the pavillion ~ if i can get them uploaded i will be happy to post pics from the ceremony.

Have a great day!

Since i am so new to posting (and learning alot!) ~ i did add some pictures to my album instead of just adding them to the post....so if you can access that, feel free to check out some pictures from the ceremony. Keep in mind that these are just family photos for now, but as soon as i get my cd of photos, i will be happy to add those as well. That will also include the our magic kingdom photo session as well. If for some reason i need to do anything in order for people to view my pictures, please let me know!

Best Wishes for your upcoming wedding!!

i will be having the magic kingdom photo session along with epcot. cant wait to see what your pictures looked like. we are by passing on the carousel and were told we could chose another location within the park. we decided on some pictures around the haunted mansion for fun. leaving in 104 days!!!!!

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I know this may be against the rules of the "picture of the day" type thread, but I know I won't be back to post more day by day, so I'm throwing them all in one bunch....These are back in 2001. Wedding at the Wedding Pavillion, and the reception at the American Adventure.



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The wedding pavalion pictures are beautiful! It makes me wish I had done my wedding in WDW. I did a Disney themed wedding at home - this was our favorite picture because it showed off the cake =)

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