Disney vs Non Disney Owned

Disney vs Non-Disney - Food and Drink

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"El Scorpion"

Was it OVER when they bombed Splash Mountain?
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1000% in the Non-Disney Owned camp.

Best Steakhouse
Best Asian
Best Comfort Food
Best Seafood
Even the Best Burgers and the best "bars" don't come from Disney. How has Disney fallen so much in this regard? Is it that they just don't care and the rent being paid by these third party establishments is what is important to them?


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Are you talking about all the Non-Disney owned restaurants in Disney Springs?


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I've had excellent meals with great service and horrible meals with exceptionally poor service in both. I dont see much of a difference in whether Disney owns it or not. It just depends on how the night goes. When its good I go away happy. When it isnt I go away disappointed. I dont think about whose name is on it.
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