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Disney Visa offer for Walt Disney World Resort hotels saves up to 35 percent in early 2024


True Bayou Magic
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It amazes me that Polynesian does so well at the prices it commands and the discounts it doesn't offer. Here it is in the 15%/10% bucket. Grand Floridian and Beach Club are 30/20 and all other deluxe are 35/20. Poly has similarly been less discounted for a while now. It really does show how popular the resort is and why they're expanding DVC there.


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I got an email this morning for the same discount as an AP holder, though none of the discounts are available at any of the all stars or Pop when we can go during that time. :(


We are Disney Visa card holders as well as AP and I didn't get an email about either. Does anyone know why that would be?

However, I was able to get the AP discount on a short trip we had already planned for January. Saved $160 at Pop Century by applying the discount.


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I tried to price a different hotel tonight under this discount, but I don't see it listed anymore on the website. Did the booking window close? I cannot find a "must be booked by" date in the articles I've seen.
For some reason the discount never showed up when I tried to change my reservation, I had to call to get the discount applied.

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