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News Disney to relax mask policy at Walt Disney World theme parks


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Are most things open? QS speaking?
In general? They all have a lot still closed. They better open up soon if they’re raising capacity Monday.


"El Magnifico"

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I’ve always thought if you did away with FP lines would never be too bad.

I've always been of the opinion that FP were useful for peak. Christmas-New Years, the three day weekends, Spring Break. Outside of that - I don't think anybody has a problem waiting in a 30-40 minute lines - if you don't have to pre-plan the entire day
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Angel Ariel

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If you’re that concerned, please do not rely on a piece of cotton to keep her safe.
That’s kind of the whole point of my post. 🙄
We’ve been told for over a year that masks - save for N95 masks - primarily protect others from you, rather than protecting yourself. Mask mandates were adhered to pretty well in the few places we took her once spread began decreasing here. Now that those mandates are gone, it means spring 2020 like quarantine until she has a vaccine. But continuing to wear masks *until a vaccine is available to all* is such a huge burden. 🙄

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