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If you had to pick one restaurant in Disney Springs to eat at, where would you choose? Doesn't matter if it's one credit or two, just the best of the best.

I want to eat at DS one night of my trip, but seriously cannot pick just one restaurant! I need your help! :)


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Can't pick just one! Raglan Road, Boathouse, or Morimoto. Also STK will be open later this year. :)

Also totally forgot to mention Turf Club the TS at Saratoga Springs Resort which is a fave and a hidden gem! :)
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We had dinner at Disney Springs 3 times during out August visit (4 times if you include Planet Hollywood).
Raglan Road - this has been our "Must do" at DownTown Disney for many years. Our last trip left a sour taste in our mouths and leaves us questioning Disney staff attitudes. Food was warm at best, staff were terrible.
Portobello Country Italian - first time visit, good food, server (a girl from New York) was really good. Enjoyable visit.
Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe - again, first time visit, food was really good and serving staff were good. Let down slightly by a cutlery shortage which we had to rectify ourselves from other tables !!

All in all - two really good establishments and one which appears to be surviving on its previous reputation


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another vote for raglan road. we go there every trip. twice on our last visit. the quick service at cooke's is pretty good as well.


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We tried the Boathouse for the first time in December. It was good. We split the surf n' turf. The lobster was better than the steak. The steak wasn't bad, but it was a little lacking in flavor and even though it was med-rare it was as tender as I'd hoped. We'll definitely be back, but we weren't blown away. Morimoto is next on our list.


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Raglan Road was always a must, trip before last we tried Boathouse for late lunch/early dinner and it was great. Our trip a couple weeks ago we tried Morimoto and that was a great experience, but be careful what you order as some of the entrees were just okay. Décor was awesome though.


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I ate for the first time in Feb. at Paradisio 37. I really enjoyed the Chicken Enchiladas from the Platters of Americas selection. The following evening we ate at Portobello Italian. I have no plans to eat here again. Food was mediocre. The really good thing was that one of our party members is allergic to seafood. The chef actually came to the table and told her that any order of chicken might also have been cross contaminated with seafood in the preparation of other meals. This really impressed us. She ordered a pizza. :cautious:


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Just a few of my favorites:

Cookes of Dublin
Earl of Snadwich
Food Trucks in Exposition Park
Wolfgang Puck Express

Raglan Road
Turf Club (SSR)

And now I really want to try Morimoto Asia
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