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News Disney Springs Begins Phased Reopening on May 20


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I think there are legitimate safety issues with refills, depending on the type of drink dispenser. Anything where you actually press your cup against a lever to activate the machine could easily involve transferring germs from your cup to the lever, and then back to whoever's cup uses the machine next. Less of an issue with something like the absolutely horrible Coke Freestyle machines -- the touchscreen has to be used regardless of whether it's a refill.

There are ways around that, though. There's a local QS restaurant near me that has a no refill policy, but only to existing cups. They will give you a new cup if you want more.

I wasn't sure if it was self server re-fill or if a employee has to do it. If it's an employee then the fix is easy, they throw away the empty you give them and use a fresh cup.


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Springs has come really close to a complete capacity closure the last few weekends. I know Lime has closed somewhat consistently.

Springs is a mess. "Social distancing" is almost impossible. With the parks closing early (and even earlier next month) on-site guests dont' want to go back to their hotels and want something to do. Locals (me) also like going out to eat at Springs.

We went Saturday night for an early (530) dinner at Raglan and had no problems getting into Springs but by the time we left around 7pm traffic was backed up all directions trying to get into Lime & Orange


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The closure just makes it annoying to access the garage, it’s not like the Springs has had capacity closures sense the eBay resellers descended for the WoD reopening.

If you're coming from the West, like I'd wager to guess that 75% of guests do, it adds up to an extra 10 minutes of time to park. So annoying!

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