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Disney Springs: A Conventioneer's Dream?


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By Scott Shindeldecker, Sep 30, 2016
WDWMAGIC Contributor

I’ve had a bit of a theory going for quite a few months now, one that I rarely hear discussed when conversations are happening about Disney Springs. I see talk around the large number of above-average restaurants that have been added, I see people talking about the “upscale shopping mall” side of Disney Springs, and above all, I see people wondering aloud how crazy Disney must be thinking that tourists would want to spend their time and money shopping at places like they have around. The draw for local Orlando residents seemingly is not large enough to sustain a place like Pleasure Island once was.

All of these things I feel are missing a big piece of business that at times flies under the radar of most Walt Disney World fans, one that would go a long way towards sustaining a large “lifestyle center” like Disney Springs: convention attendees.

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