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I personally like the smell of the churros (though I don't care for them much) and the popcorn...it never fails, every time MK was closing, those darn popcorn stands next to the exit forced me to run over and buy some.


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nicholas said:
The smell of burning Rome in SSE tends to be a popular smell among wdwmagic also.

Ahh yes...Rome burning. Delightful. I prefer my Rome medium to medium well most of the time......:cool:


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Disney4Eva said:
Have you ever noticed that certain parts of Disney World have their own specific smells? Like the Haunted Mansion. I'd recognise that smell anywhere. And the smell of the monorail is so distinct. And the water rides like Pirates & Splash Mountain. Anytime I smell anything similar to Disney World, I feel like I'm there. Well, scent is the strongest scent tied to memory. Have you ever noticed the certain scents of WDW?
WOW, glad you brought this up. Everytime I go to swim practice the pool smells like the inside of Pirates of the Caribbean and I love it. :D :D :D


I have always said you could blinfold me and take me anywhere in the world...and if I were in the great ceremonial house at polynesian I owould know i ma therre.

I claim that all of Diney's AIR conditioning smells awesome!

oh and i agree....bus exaust reminds me of Disney!!!(the trams)


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Personally the lobby and food court area of Pop Century and the All-Star's has a great smell.

As for rides-- they all have their unique smells. My favorites include Space Mountain's queue, Buzz, all the water rides (minus Splash Mtn's handlebars), and many others I know I am missing.
oh GOD! The smells are one of my favorite aspects of WDW! I love how every building has its smell!! Personally, I don't think there is a bad smell in WDW! My personal fav. smell is from the Tower of Terror!! OMG amazing!

ME TOO I LOVE THE SMELL OF THE TOWER OR TERROR! If Disney made smell of wdw disney world perfumes i would buy them all...... omg I dunno how to explain the smell of T of T but I remember this past summer when i was there it was POURINGGGGGGGG rain when we were in line and we got soaked as soon as we went in the building (TOT) we were FREEZING! I mean sure it sucked then but I would give anything to go back to that moment of being freezing and the anticipation of going on that ride!!! OMG I miss it too much to explain :( :( :(


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bauton said:
Is it just me, or does the smell of bus exhaust make you think of WDW?

I'm with everyone on the smells...the monorail and polynesian are two of my faves, but the bus exhaust just reminds me of standing at a bus stop in jamaica queens, in my ugly uniform, with scary crazy people calling me "cracka" waiting for the Q60 to wisk me off to school....but that's just me


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nicholas said:
The smell of burning Rome in SSE tends to be a popular smell among wdwmagic also.

That is definitely one of the most distinct Disney smells I can come up with. I love that smell.... reminds me of hot dogs... :lookaroun

I also love the smell from the Alien scene in the Great Movie Ride. That always sticks out in my mind. That, and the smell of the popcorn :slurp: Delicious!


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My favorite Disney scent isn't there anymore...the smell of roses in the original Journey Into Imagination... :(

Guess I'll have to find a new favorite.

And the reason swim practices smell like Disney water rides is probably because of the chlorine or some other water additive...after all, you wouldn't want the Creature From the Black Lagoon, all moss-covered, rising out of the Pirates of the Caribbean and terrorizing the pirates, now would you? :)


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this may sound really silly but we live in England and whenever i come to Florida...I smell the heat...i dont know how but when (every 100 years or so lol) it gets hot in England "I'm like woooo heat smell" :lol: but then I feel disneyworld deprived hehe....cant wait to smell teh Heat in 2006 :lol:


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stitchfan said:
My favorite Disney scent isn't there anymore...the smell of roses in the original Journey Into Imagination... :(

The Oranges groves in Horizons, formula 114

Im sure MS doesn't smell as nice, especially after someone uses the "bags" provided for guests. :hurl: :D


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Sorry if this is a little off topic but, can anyone give me some info on the website for disney theme park music?
I had it once but lost it.
Thank's in advance for any help!


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I swear that the cleaning products at Disney also have a specific smell. Do any CMs know if they use a special type of cleaning product there? If they did, I would definitely buy it--my house would feel like the happiest place on earth--or at least smell like it! :lol:


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Unpleasant Monorail Odor

Disney4Eva said:
..... And the smell of the monorail is so distinct. ...

When you get on the monorail, yes, there is a distinct scent. Very pleasant. But, I gotta tell you about the time my g/f and I went to Disney a few months ago.

We were getting on the monorail from the Poly and heading towards the Magic Kingdom. We grabbed one of the rear cars. Well, this kid came running towards our car and grabbed the seat across from us. As soon the doors closed and the monorail started to move, he expelled some unpleasant body gas.

Needless to say, my g/f and I got off at the Grand Floridian and waited for the next monorail to come by. Please! I ask you all, if you're going to "break wind" - please do it before you get on the monorail. I really don't care to smell what you had for breakfast or last night's dinner. :hurl: :hurl:

Thank you.

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