Disney Slacking on Hospitality


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Some peopel dont know this but theres a little thing called, if you do your best for any kind of job even seasonal they might just offer you a full time or a better paying job.


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What's so deluxe about a deluxe resort except the room size? What do the deluxe resorts offer that the others don't to as Walt would say, "Plus the show". Where is the value for the dollar?

- room size
- queen beds
- signature restaurant, table service restaurant, and quick service location
- location of resort is closer at least one park
- usually various transportation options
- recreation options, exercise facilities
- interior hallways
- concierge services (at an extra cost)
- many have business centers/convention centers


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The only real example I can think of is my last stay at a resort - The Wilderness Lodge. We even stayed concierge level. Mousekeeping was AWFUL. They didn't even turn down our beds the first night. I went and asked if it was customary for us to specifically ask for this - We were told "no - it should have been done". The girl made some note in a notebook about it, and we were given a halfbaked 'sorry'. Seriously? I even mentioned it in the "after your stay" survey we got. No response or followup. Sigh...


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We encountered such nice CM's our last trip. One of the CM's at the BWI was the sweetest gentleman to my kids (and we weren't even staying there). He was so nice that we wrote a letter about him. I wonder if he's still there.

Another time (I believe a few years ago), a CM at the toy store that sells the stuff the my little pony box spent time with my dd helping her jamming as much stuff in the box as she could. I know it's little to some people but she really didn't have to spend her time doing that. I actually feel bad for the cm's because of the jerks they deal with on a daily basis so I cut them slack as much as I can. We really haven't had problems with the Disney workers being unkind. We have, however, seen many jacka$$ guests. :rolleyes:

Now, the food has declined (those who haven't been visiting Disney since the 70's or 80's wouldn't notice the differences). The housekeeping has also declined but I have to wonder if some of that has to do with the people who don't tip. I can't imagine going to a hotel and staying there for over a week and not tipping. Disney is also much busier than it was years ago and they jam as many people in as possible (which I don't like at all).

It won't be a popular opinion but I think Disney should get rid of ALL DISCOUNTS, lower the prices a tad, but make it so people aren't in a cult mentality where they have to go there 3, 4, and 5 times per year. I think the discounts and the free dining are primarily the reason for the bad service people see there. The CMs are overworked and underpaid for dealing with the crap they do.


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- HOW would you do this?

- WHY would you do this? Disney wants to encourage this - ALL businesses want repeat clientele!

There was a time prior to September 11 where discounts just weren't available. Now people expect them and are ticked off if they don't get a discount. Google the internet and you see countless posts of disney fan nutcases praying for discounts.

It's a very simple process. Tier the resorts just like they do now but instead of charging $700 per night at Grand Floridian, charge $450. I'd pay extra to know that I wasn't going to be packed in the parks like sardines and I'd be willing to bet a lot of people feel the same.

I think the notion that people are getting discounts is what keeps people from going back. It's marketing trickery. For instance, there is only a $300 difference for my family to go in the spring than hurricane season but Disney throws all sorts of discounts at people so they think they are getting some fabulous deal. $300 is not a great incentive for my family to travel in the humid Florida summer during hurricane season.


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I'd pay extra to know that I wasn't going to be packed in the parks like sardines and I'd be willing to bet a lot of people feel the same.

Disney resort guests make up only a very small portion of any parks daily capacity - when parks are packed like sardines, most of those people are from off-site.

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We go to Disney A lot by most standards and it has been in recent years the service has gone down. Its not just a "oh the good old days" thing either. I know no matter were you go bad service can happen. On my last trip we were leaving epcot and I had my daughter in a stroller sick as a dog and my wife was carrying my son. As we got to the gate the 2 people manning it were talking to each other and wouldnt stop to open the gate for us. So we had to do it. This type of thing happens multiple times a trip. We never let it get us down but it is pretty annoying. The biggest problem is that it cost SOOOO much to go to Disney that the expectations are a lot higher than going any place else, as they should be.


Many of the CM's are college interns(cheap labor). When your dealing with that crowd you have to realize they are young and in some cases don't even know what polite is especially some of the foreign born CM's. I use to work in a big high end hotel that used interns and some of the foreign ones got themselves into trouble without even knowing they did anything. South Americans in general come off as rude just by how they speak English or at least the ones we had working for us. Germans come off very abrupt as well.

Most of the college interns selected for the disney program are leaders on campus and would be completely bought-into the disney experience & mindset. They are doing the program to have that "Disney" experience, and i dont believe poor service can or should be pinned on them.

99.9% of every cast member interaction, from restaurant to all-star resorts & everything in between has been nothing short of magical fof us - and why we keep going back.

Last year while waiting for a character greeting in the animation courtyard, we observed a middle aged CM complaining about her manager to another CM. It was so uncomfortable and so "not Disney" - the listener obviously knew this was wrong from her reaction. That 1 of 100's of exeriences was enough to leave an impression on me for years, bc it was a reminder of life's unpleasantries outside of wdw.

But overall, we have been wowed year after year with cm's who continually go beyond to make it magical, and who obviously adore their jobs!


Another time (I believe a few years ago), a CM at the toy store that sells the stuff the my little pony box spent time with my dd helping her jamming as much stuff in the box as she could.


We had a male cast member do the same for us! I was actually embarassed about how much i was trying to stuff, and he took it all out and fit another pony inside! That toy store at dtd is top notch for service!


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The good old days weren't always good, and tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems.

-Mr. William Joel

This is when he put out a gold record every year, right before Christie Brinkley left him and he then proceeded to get three DUIs. :animwink:

/I'm kidding, I love Billy Joel
//However, I've been going to WDW since 1977 and I recognize a decline in service and quality.


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Hotels and especially resorts charge different amounts depending on time of year. They all do various marketing (trickery) to get you in the rooms. It does work, Disney raises all their prices a bunch then discounts everything for the poeple in the know and the others pay higher prices. The best part is people will think they are getting the best deal of their lives if you give them "something" free or at a discount. 3 years a ago a family of 4 may have spent 10K on a trip to Disney,. this year they may spend 12K for the same trip but all they'll talk about is how much of a "deal" they got. Trust me their is a herd of accountants figuring out how to keep the places full and getting the most money out of they guests.

I can't believe people spend this kind of money. Our trip will cost us $2361 for the Disney portion and maybe another 1k for the rental car, other parks and gas/food/parking.

It's funny though. This couple from my daughter's cheer team(our daughters are best friends) went with us during Spring Break after UCA nationals and they went for only 2 days. The wife said that next year they're staying for 10-12 days at BLT(non-DVC member) after UCA. That's at $319 a night, and that's just for the hotel. I almost soiled my pants when she told us that.

I can't imagine spending that much for a place to lay my head and shower.


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- if you were putting your tickets on your room key, you should have been able to purchase them at check in. If you were purchasing separate tickets, you would need to go to the Lobby Concierge. (even then, some CM's know how to put the keys on your KTTW)

Tickets can only be sold by Cast Members trained to sell tickets. 9 times of out of 10, these Cast members will be at the Concierge Desk, not the front desk for registration, check in/out. So although you can purchase them around the same time as check in, you cannot usually buy them from the same person. Typically you would need to go to the concierge desk and have them added to your room keys.


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Have you written to Disney to let them know? I think that they need to hear this. Also anytime you have a bad (or less than magical) experience try to remember the cast members name and include it in your correspondence. I hope this isn't a trend and perhaps just a fluke. I also hope your next trip is better.

I wish I could remember this cast members name. My girlfriend and I were going through the gates and her annual wasnt working, it had some wear and tear. The cast member quickly checked the date on the annual and realized it was valid she then quickly proceeded to run over to the stand that has quick replacements and returned within 1 minute. I was completely blown away. I said to my girlfriend " walt would have been very proud of that cast member. She agreed, We were both in shock. I wish I could remember her name. There still are some great cast members out there.
I don't think that all the parks have had a decline, since we had great CM experiences on our last trip. We did, however, have the worst CM we have ever encountered in 10 years of going.
We were trying to get into the MK for the opening ceremony, and my sister's ticket wouldn't work. She had just used it the previous night at Epcot and the biometrics at the MK gate weren't working. The guy at the gate started snapping at her the more she tried to make it work, telling her she was using the wrong finger, the wrong pass, she wasn't inserting it right, wasn't putting her finger on the scanner right, and then he started demanding to see her photo ID. She's 13, and she doesn't have one, she explained. He turned to my mother and snapped to see hers and then said "well i guess i have to let her in!" We were shocked and reported him to guest services.


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In fall of 2008, guest services told me that they started using a different agency to hire cast members and that they were having a lot of problems and complaints as a result.

I didn't know that they used agencies. I just thought Disney hired directly. Unless this cast member in guest services was wrong, that could be part of the problem.

Needless to say, I'm sure Alicia at Space Mountain no longer works for Disney. Unbelievably rude and unprofessional.


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I"m so sick of entitled people in this world. If you don't like the level of service provided then DON'T GO.

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