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Disney Should NOT allow kids on shoulders during fireworks


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I was at Disneyland for the 4th of July. A family in front of me allowed there two children to stand on the back of the family’s ecv. This was worse than shoulder height and not only did it block my view, but in front of me was an older man in a wheel chair who had been patiently waiting for the show. I felt really bad for him. Not to mention my whole reason for adding days on to my California trip was to see the 4th fireworks.... by the time they stood up there the show had started and I obviously couldn’t move.

I’ve seen more Disney fireworks shows than should be legally allowed, so I’m not complaining too much... it happens. But it’s very inconsiderate imho.


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Actually, you are like a parent who is trying to play baseball on the little league field at the expense of the children. I'm the dad who is saying, "Let the kids play. You adults had your childhood, now get off the diamond."
Exactly. Kids on shoulders is a must. If someone doesn’t like it. Go pound sand. I’m not stopping. They can get over it.
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