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Disney shareholders take a hit with ESPN


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This is really old news, well to those of us that follow the financial and corporate aspects of the company.

This is at least five months old. Two financial calls ago.

Jimmy Thick

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Dont Disney have a movie opening next month? The title escapes me...

Jimmy Thick- Because DIS only has one means of revenue you know.


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Disney may take a hit from cord cutters. However with the FCC order on opening the set top market and the ability for subscribers like to to save over $10.00 a month on rental fees maybe it will keep more subscribers. But in anybcase the cable companies are about to lose tens of million in profits. Its about time these rip off fees were eliminated.


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Released today...

Parks and Resorts Parks and Resorts revenues for the quarter increased 9% to $4.3 billion and segment operating income increased 22% to $981 million. Operating income growth for the quarter was due to an increase at our domestic operations, partially offset by a decrease at our international operations. Parks and Resorts operating results benefited from the timing of our fiscal quarter end relative to the New Year’s holiday. The current quarter included one week of the holiday period that fell in the second quarter of the prior year.

Higher operating income at our domestic operations was due to guest spending and attendance growth, partially offset by higher costs. The increase in guest spending was due to higher average ticket prices at our theme parks and cruise line, increased food, beverage and merchandise spending and higher average hotel room rates. Cost increases were due to labor and other cost inflation, new guest offerings, higher depreciation associated with new attractions at Walt Disney World Resort and expenses incurred for the dry-dock of the Disney Dream in the current quarter.

Lower operating income at our international operations was due to higher operating costs and lower attendance at Disneyland Paris as well as higher pre-opening expenses at Shanghai Disney Resort. Results at Disneyland Paris were impacted by the closure of the park for four days in November 2015.

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