Disney Resolutions for 2014


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My resolution is to stay away in 2014.
The Disney corporation does not deserve my money.
Little new, prices and crowds keep increasing.

Fascist bracelet they want me to wear.

I may go back in time but for now instead of going to "Walt Disney World" I think I will spend time in the rest of the "World"


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-to see shows we haven't seen (lma and the little mermaid)
-do the wild African trek
-work on my photography skills so I can spend more time taking photos on our upcoming trip
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This will never happen but, I want to go back this year and relive the magic of my first trip, when everything is new and exciting\, the first time I entered the Magic Kingdom , the first time I rode the railroad , ride the attractions and see the shows for the first time, Impossible right!:joyfull::p


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Other than hopefully taking my first trip to DL/DCA (and actually my first ever trip to California itself), I think my resolution would be to slow down in the parks and actually take things in instead of rushing between attractions. There's so many small details that I've missed over the years that I need to take the time to see/experience. Our last trip to WDW I made a conscious effort to see many of the shows and attractions that I've skipped in the past, but I need to do the same with different restaurants and non-ride exhibits and things. That's my new goal.


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Go back to Disneyworld....
Not eat as much as I did last time...
Spend less money (that would mean leaving the wife at home)...
Take more pictures...
Not complain (to much) about Brazilian Tour groups/Pop Warner...
Prey I get a Magic Band that works.
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Disney Shib

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I want to make it a point during our trip in a couple weeks to refrain from pushing my disney obsessions at the parks down my families throats and allow them to find their own. My poor fiance'... if I force him on IASM one more time I might not be walking down an isle lol. :cautious:


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I am going to try and do more rides on my trip this year which means more park time...o_O Last trip was 12 days...I went on 16 rides ( 2 of the 16 rides were repeats so I actually only did 14 rides )and hit 3 parks and Disney Quest...I saw 2 shows for first times though and that was really cool...
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