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Disney Project (Dream Park)

The Video Shpown Before You is just a Teaser for the Disney Project Theme Park. Can it be green-lit

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    Votes: 4 80.0%
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Garfield Builder

Original Poster
Disneyland Carousel Folklore
Disneyland Carousel Folklore.png

The show is just like Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress; a Carousel Theater. It's Location is Legends Park The first and the last scenes are basically identical and involve the loading and unloading of guests. The other four scenes, or "acts," depict an Audio-Animatronic family, narrated by the four kids, named Kip (eldest), Chip (young), Trish (younger) and Ashley (youngest), interacting with the latest technology and innovations during a particular area. Not much is known about the family; we do not know their last name, where they live (aside from being somewhere in the United States), or if they ever change location. Each of the four scenes is set during a different season of the year: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, and in the locations in Disneyland the folklore is about, and the technology they come with.
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Garfield Builder

Original Poster
All I need is a concept art of my dream park; more specifically Disneyland Carousel Folklore. There are four acts of the show, with the first taking place in a log cabin in Frontierland, the second in a retro-future home in Tomorrowland, the third taking place in a Bagalese/Aztec Temple in Adventureland and the last act takes place in Fantasyland on a Castle Courtyard.
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