News Disney plans to reboot Voyage of the Little Mermaid stage show at Disney's Hollywood Studios


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Disney announces 'The Little Mermaid – A Musical Adventure' coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios in 2024​

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Great news and about time.

Now for Jedi training, refresh of Disney Jr characters and the return of PM sets.


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Not quite so grand as that, I’d imagine.

Honestly I'd love just an increase in entertainment. That's one of the areas they've cut back on in the Chapek years and moreso during the pandemic that hasn't fully recovered. If they see that as valuable to keeping guests happy between rides as @wdwmagic reported, I endorse that 100% and see that as a huge positive for the future of the parks.


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The Dance party and Jr. meet and greets gotta go.

To what though? And not like they can't use things in that park for the younger set. I m an, if going to blow the whole area up and do a big Pixar land or something, sure

If anything I would like to see a big update to Launch Bay


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Wonder when they bring this back if it’ll be based on the animated movie or the new real life version?

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If it were off of the live action movie, I would have expected heavy promotion and fanfare. But maybe because the live action underperformed and lost money they don’t want to do anything more with it.

This seems like a quiet restart of the refreshed original.

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