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Disney Pirate Cruise for kids

MITCH 112198

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Has anyone had their children do the pirate cruise at disney world , which is for ages 4 to 12 and leaves at 9:30 am for 2 hours from the Grand Floridian? I have a daugther who is 6.


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Yes, my kids (ages 4 and 6) went on the pirate cruise from the GF last April. They said it was a lot of fun. The CMs are really great with the kids. I'm not sure how fun it would have been if they didn't have each other, though. There weren't many kids on it alone.


My girls who were 6 went on the one from the CBR, absolutely loved it, got pirate bandana, lots of treasure and had some lunch too. Would recommended it, my kids still talk about it
We booked the Beach Club pirate cruise for my son (7) and daughter (5) last summer. They absolutely loved it! They still talk about it and would love to do it again!

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