Disney Parks to Ban Straws


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In case you haven't heard Santa Monica recently banned straws and anybody who is found distributing the illegal plastic sticks for drinking can be locked up in jail. And now, Disney is in on the fun. The company has announced that Disney parks around the world will ban all plastic, one use straws by 2019. Disney is not the only company to do away with these plastic straws as Starbucks has earlier this year as well.

Walt Disney Company to eliminate plastic straws and more by 2019

The purpose of this move? Reduce plastic waste in the ocean. This decision should prove to be useless as according to this 2017 article, 95% of the plastic waste in the oceans come from Africa and Asia. Only 5% is coming from the Western World and I'm going to guess the percent coming from Disney theme parks alone is even less.

These actions are nothing more than virtue signaling by Disney, and the others who have done the same, to make themselves look, and feel, good by claiming they're helping when in reality this does nothing of significance. This war on straws must end.


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I'm assuming any reference to the ocean is primarily geared towards the cruise lines and not the parks. DAK has been paper straws since day 1, largely due to environmental/wildlife protection and difficulties in recycling. Paper straws are pretty awful I admit, but to sit here and b' and moan about it as if it's just a empty PR stunt about saving or not saving the ocean seems kind of lame.


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Its an evil plot to sell Mickey crazy straws

Just like it was an evil plot to make us buy higher quality plastic bags by not giving us free ones. Funny how the produce bags are free. Or the evil plot to make us pay for air when filling up our tires. Or making us rent a grocery cart so that we put it back instead of sending a box boy out to collect them.
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