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So I just got a notification to update my Disney Parks App on my iPhone. Included in this update were new maps of Magic Kingdom and California Adventure. The Magic Kingdom map added the full Dumbo and the Casey Jr. Water area to the map. Updating the map must mean soft openings are about to start for those areas, I can't see them advertising on their app for these areas if they don't plan on opening them for another month. Too many people would complain. So I figured I'd pass it on, in my insomniatic state. Enjoy!


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mine did not have the full dumbo or casey jnr :( but i guess thats cause we are in the uk!


I updated mine today too. It only shows one dumbo spinner, the other one is a patch of grass. It does show Casey Splash area.


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It's the same as the Guidemaps in the park

They didn't add barnstormer to the list of attractions but they did add the sword in the stone as an attraction lol

At least the map finally removes the galaxy palace theater that was visible in the old map they used


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Ok why can't I find this app in the app store? I have looked and looked and can't find it. Does anyone have a link they would be willing to share so I can find it? Thanks

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