Disney + Park spin-off content

What do you think would make the best spin-off movie/series based off of a ride or land from the ?

  • Haunted mansion series/movie

  • Thunder mountain series/movie

  • Space mountain (space station 75 or 77) series/movie

  • Main Street USA series/movie

  • Expedition Everest series/movie

  • Liberty Square movie/series

  • Other (please list in the comments)

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"El Scorpion"

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I'll go with Jungle Cruise D+ series. But then again, now with Depp possibly returning to the Pirates franchise I'd be somewhat more interested in a D+ series of that vs another Pirates feature movie. So it's a tie.


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Liberty square just because I would enjoy a themed series that features patriots, frontier life. I really loved the old Walt Disney features with Fess Parker and Buddy Ebsen in the Davy Crockett films and others like the Johnny Tremain film. Lots of historical and folk tale content to draw from.
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