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Disney outlet store closing..


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i frequent the Disney outlet store in Wisconsin Dells.. We drove 90 miles, one way there, last night, only to find out that the store will be closing Aug 19th.. We were shocked.. this store was " owned by Disney.." sold from Disney and repurchased by Disney over the past 20 some years.. it survived the big recession.. and now when its doing great guns',, last night at 7pm on a Saturday night it was packed., its closing.. I knew the staff and they knew me and my family and they all had been sprinkled with Pixie Dust.. Its just a real real shame to close this store now.. a real shame.. and to boot, in the past year,, we have gotten addicted to pin trading and our visits to the store had increased by 10 fold.. I don't know what Disney the company is doing .. but I am really starting to not agree at all..


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Ahh, this is a bummer. We use this outlet area as a driving break on our way to visit my husband's relatives in Illinois. One of the only highlights of going down there.

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Don't even have to leave your home. 30% off until Tuesday using code BONUS30 at checkout.

It's unfortunate but Disney (and most other retailers really) are closing physical stores and are expanding their online presence as that is the future. In the not so distant future, retail stores will be few and far between.
This ^^^

The operating cost for a single warehouse in the middle of nowhere that can ship worldwide is astronomically lower than multiple storefronts paying mall rental prices.


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Disney closed our years ago. Again it was a store that had been doing a great business in a Mall that was thriving so there was plenty of foot traffic and sales. I got to know the manager and she was told when word came down that they were to be shut down that it was from Disneys desire to go internet and drop physical stores. She had been doing monthly pin trading nights and other fun things that drew me and a lot of others in on a regular basis so I miss it dearly.

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