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Disney Now Charging Handling Fees for in-room grocery deliveries.


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I think your "top 10 holdings" criteria is a bit arbitrary, but it happens that Disney comes in right at #10, behind Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, Facebook, Visa, Home Depot, and MasterCard.
Fair enough. I suppose we could go on to find three more examples each, and see who runs out of examples first, but the reality is we're never going to agree about this so why bother? We're never going to agree about this, so we'll just have to agree to disagree.


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Nevertheless, one of the metrics for being a "value" company is having a PE ratio that is higher than the median PE ratio of your cohort. It's not the only metric.

I'm not sure in what way you're arguing with my assertion that Disney is not necessarily a value company anymore.
No argument here. I was just pointing out that they have shifted from dividends to stock buybacks as a means to return cash to shareholders which supports your statement that they are moving away from being a value company.
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