News Disney names D’Amaro as Chairman Disney Parks Experiences and Products


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Not sure if this was posted yet, but Kevin Mayer head of streaming is leaving Disney. Disney also named Rebecca Campbell (previously head of Disneyland) to replace Mayer and named Josh D’Amaro as head of Parks and Consumer Products. Not sure what this means for WDW, Josh was only there for a short time.



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Jeff Vahle (formerly President, Disney Signature Experiences) will assume the role of President, Walt Disney World Resort.

Ken Potrock Named President, Disneyland Resort.

Kareem Daniel Named President, Consumer Products, Games and Publishing.

Thomas Mazloum Named President, Disney Signature Experiences.


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Looking forward to hearing insiders' thoughts/predictions on what this means for the parks. Is D'Amaro someone who could have a positive impact on show quality standards and maintenance of thematic integrity / design principles?
Thematic integrity will unfortunately take a back seat for a bit. But that would have happened regardless with the pandemic.

But he seems to be really great at putting the guests and cast first. Disney’s needed that for awhile.


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wow hate to see Josh go for WDW already,,,no idea about Jeff do we know anything about him?,..,but in the grand scheme this is the better position for D'Amaro to be in as a whole, finally someone worthwhile as head of parks and resorts!! Maybe just maybe he would save the 50th and change Epcot's mess in some form?

I do feel bad though for D'Amaro in a sense I mean didnt he just make a big move to FL from CA and now he has to move back??
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