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Disney music


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I'm a huge fan of Disney music. I've been known to drive down the road jammin to Spectromagic (and getting a few stares).What is your favorite Disney song, and why is it your fave?


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I love all Disney music, although I do listen to Spectromagic quite a bit!!! It makes you feel as if you are right there!!


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I really like the song from space mountain paris. it is really cool!

and of course every disney song ever made minus its a friggin small world....


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My personal favorite types of Disney music are the ones from Tokyo Disneyland/Tokyo Disney Sea.

[FUNNY STORY] On time, I was practicing drving down 436 in Orlando. I was jamming to DisneySea Symphony. I didn't notice the light turn red and at that point in the song, someone slams down on the piano screwing up and when I heard that I slammed on the breaks and went flying forward and stopped in the middle of a 4 way intersection. LOL!

- The WeirdOne :D

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