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News Disney KiteTails coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom October 1


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I wouldn’t sit down for this but will glance over while walking around the east side of the park. I’m fine with more low-key DAK entertainment but won’t risk “Zazu” eating one of my kids.

I would. Unlike Rivers of Light making it an appointment to go, if it's going on or about to happen, I would sit down and watch it while taking a break.


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I think the description given in the video in wdwmagic's article on the main page provides a good summation of what KiteTails is...it's a "daytime activation". It's not a show like River's of light or even Festival of the Lion King. It's a cute diversion but it lacks scale and scope to be considered an actual show in my opinion. I think the people who line up in advance (if there are any) and wait will be disappointed. I think the people that just stumble upon it as they are walking by or wander in to take a load off for a few minutes will think it was a cute little break in their day and a respite for tired feet. The entertainment cast always do a fantastic job, so happy to see more performers and entertainment back in the parks!

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