News Disney KiteTails coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom October 1


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As goofy as it all looks, i think the park are on to something here. Had they gone down the more traditional route and used Raya & the last dragon theme/story, they could have had something that looked really quite impressive.



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It's so bad it's good.

I mean, the pinnacle of Disney entertainment this is not, but there is something fun about seeing giant character kites soaring above the water. And watching them face plant into the Asia stands after each segment is rather funny; you could tell the crowd was as into that as anything else.

I do like the idea behind the show of kites, characters, and storytelling. Be great to see this given a bigger budget and a more elaborate (evening?) show created around this concept.
Some things are so bad they’re good. This is one of them. It might be worth $100 alone to watch giant Disney characters crash into concrete seating areas and for the thrill of watching boats flip and such. This is actually hilarious.


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Disney KiteTails Performances Canceled Due to ‘Unforeseen Circumstances’ at Animal Kingdom

Anyone know what the unforeseen circumstances were? Bad feedback perhaps? lol

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If this were a random “plus” rather than a show I think it would be a cool addition. Just randomly fly kites over the lagoon, it would be a neat thing to stumble upon, kind of like the characters on the boats, when we were there last year we loved randomly seeing the characters go by.

This isn’t Disney quality as a standalone show though.


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LOL you all think they actually care? They could have “The 30 minutes of a paper airplanes made out of letter size copy paper show” and would promote the person who came up with it.

THEY DO NOT CARE. They have your money already.

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