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Disney just a started a virtual tour of the headquarters of Walt Disney Imagineering


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Great find!
Thanks for sharing!

Quick question: how did you find Part 2 on the Disney Parks YouTube page?I don’t know if I’m dense or what!? After viewing part one, I clicked on the Disney Parks heading to go to their YouTube page. I didn’t see Part 2 in the featured or recent. I clicked on “Videos” and viewing by “Date added” and it is not in the list. There are more recent videos and then jumps to videos from several more days ago.

I’ve had the same experience seeing something on Disney Parks Blog and then can’t actually find them on YouTube?


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I am not impressed. They could have done the same thing with a Playstation VR helmet for under $500 and at much higher resolution. I wonder how many millions the Dish cost?


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Imagineer: "Jake isn't there somewhere you should be?"
Jake: "Yeah but the new CEO cut my budget so I've been evicted from Galaxy's Edge. I'm homeless Mr. Imagineer."

Are they purposely trying to shoot themselves in the foot with these videos?


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Original Poster

Mr Plinkett voice: "Part 5"



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That was the first decent tour they made. The interesting piece was the image archiving since that is what my wife did when we met. She could be a slide librarian again.

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