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Disney is remaking Home Alone


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Got it, Buzz accidentally leaves his kid at home on a vacation to Walt Disney World. Never realizes he's gone.


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I don't have any criticisms about it. OK, I understand most people having strong feelings about one of the best 90s kids movies being rebooted, but just be lucky it's on a streaming service. I'm actually curious about it myself. Will it be a movie or TV show? Either way, it won't affect my decision to subscribe to it, because I already said, 'Shut up and take my money!' since the main details were released.


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I'm excited bc I love the original so much. I don't understand when people get so upset that a movie gets remade lol. It doesn't ruin the original in any way. Just don't see it or learn to separate them. Chances are it won't be as good but so what? It's still fun!


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you know you’re getting old when studios start doing remakes or reboots of movies your grew up on 🙄


I am only 13 years old so I haven't grown up with the original Home Alone movie other than seeing it a few times during Christmas time. So really this is no big deal to me as it seems like every time you turn around another studio is making a remake.
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