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Disney+ In Room?

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Are they smart TVs?
I didn't think they were...


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The tower rooms in Coronado are supposed to have it (or at least they said they would prior to opening), but I don't believe anywhere else.


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I can speak to Disney+ being in Riviera Resort. However, It is slightly different than your Disney+. Not sure how but it seems to not have all of the same programming that you would expect to have. There were some shows that my kids watch at home on Disney+ that were not on the Resort TV version of Disney+. Also, the resort TV welcome screen is different at Riviera as compared to other Disney Resorts. It had an animated graphic of Riviera as compared to the rotating through MK, Epcot, DHS, DAK, etc.


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I am assuming that the non-smart TVs at least have HDMI input that I could plug a Roku into. Is that the case?


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Stayed at All Star Sports a few weeks ago for the Marathon and was able to get Disney+ on my room TV by bringing my own HDMI Adapter and connecting it to my iPad which was running the app. The input was easy to change via a button on the side of the TV. I can't speak to every hotel TV on property, but if they're anything like the ones at All Star Sports it would be possible to set up.


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They're planning to install new interactive TVs at every WDW resort. They will have Disney+ and other features like the ability to view your Photo Pass photos on the TV screen.

It'll be several years before they're rolled out across every property, though. I think, as mentioned above, they're only currently in the Gran Destino Tower and probably the Riviera.


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I was at Gran Destino Tower a few weeks ago and they did have Disney+, but there were only like 6-8 offerings. It wasn't the full selection. I'm assuming it's just a way to get people intrigued enough to subscribe.
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