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Disney in January?


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Our next trip to Disney is January 8th-14th. I am ridiculously excited, ever since we booked my 3 year old daughter can't stop talking about it.
What's the typical weather for January in Orlando?

Simba's Mom

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I've been twice at that time period, and both times I thought the weather was super. Maybe a little cool in the morning, high temperatures were in the low/mid 70s. Come to think of it, it might not be swimming weather, depending on what you're used to. I hope you realize that that week is just after the Marathon weekend (the marathon itself is on Sunday). Expect to see some people in the parks wearing one or more medals-"Embracing the clang" (some runners run more than one event, thus have multiple medals, which "Clang" as they walk).
I usually go in February and the weather can be quite nice. While it can get rather cool, and even cold at night, these relatively low temperatures never tend to stick around for more than 24-48 hours. It's more like a cold snap then back to the 50's for a couple of more days. But I would definitely bring winter clothes. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you will be able to wear t-shirts and shorts the whole time, if at all.


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January can be a crap shoot. We've been there in January with a variety of temperatures. In 2010 we were there during a major cold spell where some days were around the 40s. Thank God we brought out winter coats from home. I'll never forget the heaters at AK trying to keep the greenery comfortable. We kept seeing on the news how crops were dying due to it and that local stores were running out of cold weather gear like gloves as well as space heaters. Very fluke weather obviously. By the end of that week it was 60s and 70s which is typical. Crazy!

Generally speaking, I'd day it's comfortable. I wouldn't be swimming but that's just us. I personally love walking around Disney with jeans and a sweatshirt-cozy. Watch the weather trends leading up to your trip and watch closely the day or two before leaving to see what exactly to pack. Definitely keep it mind that the temps can fluctuate.

Have a great time!


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We once saw brief snow in early January. But better to be at wdw than the beach in those conditions. We've also seen plenty of 70 degree days.