Trip Report Disney Holidays '22!

Dates: 11/29 - 12/7

Day 1: Arrived around noon and headed to Riviera Resort for our one night stay here in a 1BR. The rooms were awesome and my wife loved the jetted tub. I wonder what other deluxes have that? Pluto and Donald also came around while we were checking things out waiting for our room and we snagged a pic. This was our first time staying at Riviera and while the rooms were very nice, and Topolino's for dinner was amazing, the resort itself felt "meh". In hindsight, we did make it over to GF and WL to check out those places and GF I think was my favorite. Some other con's I had were a very small lobby (for some reason I love a grand lobby) and our room was not ready until 3:40. Now, I know check in states 4 PM, but in our previous stays at Pop our room was almost always ready before 1. Not sure if this is a common deluxe thing? Some RR photos!


Day 2: We checked out of Riviera right at 11 and made our way to French Quarter for the remainder of our trip. Our room was ready by noon which was super nice and what I am generally use to. I have to say I really like this place. We were in the furthest corner in building 1 and its still a 5 minute walk to the lobby. We unpacked and headed to Disney Springs for a bit before coming back and resting, then getting ready for dinner at Cali Grill. I was very fortunate to get a 7:05 reservation, and we got done with dinner 4 minutes before the firework show at MK!


Day 3: We rope dropped Animal Kingdom and did Flight of Passage, the safari and Everest. We actually did not care to do anything else. We went back to FQ for a bit then headed to Epcot around 3. We ate some random Holiday treats, checked out some of the holiday narrator/shows in the different countries, then left around 630 and did dinner at Boatwrights at POR. Boatwrights was okay - not sure I would eat there again. We didn't snag a ton of photos as we have another Epcot day coming up.

Day 4: Rope dropped Hollywood Studios. Did ToT, RR and Mickys RR. Walked around GE a bit and got interrogated by some Storm Troopers (I have video but it sucks because my phone was pointed right at his breastplate the entire time) which was pretty neat! We headed back to FQ and got about a 2 hour nap in and headed to MK for our MVMCP time! RE: MVMCP - while it was VERY awesome and we loved every minute, next time I am not doing a park that day in the morning. I will reduce the number of days at the parks and just keep that ticket as it's own 'park day'. Pictures!


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Just found this report a year late, but it was a good read! We still haven't tried Topolino's for breakfast, but it's on my wish list!
Replying a month late :D

Topolino's, while a neat overall experience, IMO was lacking food quantity. The portions were small, and I've heard/read that they no longer allow guests to get a second entree? Unsure if that is true. If that is indeed true, then there's no way I would go back there.

Now dinner was amazing and definitely one of our new favorites overall.

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