Disney Hires finance former Pepsico Hugh Johnston as new CFO


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Christine McCarthy, we hardly knew you. I wonder if new guy is more aligned with Bob.

I imagine they will not be letting him speak to the public (especially about food portion sizes and/or the physical fitness of Disney parks guests).


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This fellow could be coming in at just the right time maybe, I mean it can’t get any worse for TWDC financially, it can only get better.
He can lounge at his private island and watch the company prosper, show up 4 times a year to present the financials and just enjoy. I wonder if he can skype the SEC with the results?


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So anyone want to take guesses on how long Iger's newest patsy will last before he's also ousted?

EDIT- Also, what the heck, if this guy isn't a dead ringer for Saul Goodman (but with a bit more age)...



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Here's another fun WDW connection to Pepsi.

When the Country Bear Jamboree opened with WDW in 1971, it was sponsored by Pepsi-Cola and parent company Frito-Lay.


But a simple Pepsi logo in the lobby and on the marquee and on the theater curtains wasn't enough, as WDI actually programmed Henry the host of the Jamboree to remind the audience of Pepsi even after the Pepsi-Cola branded curtain was pulled away and the show began. In the early 1970's Henry had a programmed line of show dialogue where he said "You've got a lot to live, and the Country Bears have a lot to give!" which was a direct connection to the mass market Pepsi campaign and jingle circa 1969-1974 of "You've got a lot to live, and Pepsi's got a lot to give!".

I can think of no other time, except for the World's Fair pavilions that purposely touted the products of Ford Motor Company and General Electric, where an animatronic character or narration in a Disney theme park show spouted out a version of the sponsor's commercial slogan. Can anyone else think of something that blatant in a park show or ride? I can't.

Without going through and listening to hours of audio, I remember even the 1980's Epcot shows in Future World pavilions being far less blatant in their connection to sponsors General Motors, Kraft, Bell System, Exxon, Kodak, etc. Or am I remembering that wrong?
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