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Disney has now responded...1 million dollar donation to OneOrlando


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I don't want this to come across the wrong way... personally I think it's great they contribute to that fund... but I also want them to put that much into increasing security methods in and around their parks and resorts as well
I think they've got it covered. That's not how corporate budget works. Donations come out of a fund generally for such purposes or multi-purpose use; this just happens to be an especially large one and wouldn't be part of any security budget.

Disney is spending far more than a million extra bucks on security, regardless. The new Rent-A-Frisk guys ain't cheap. What they get for that outsourcing dollar in value, however, remains to be seen.

Mike S

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Comcast Universal has just done the same with a $1 Million dollar donation to OneOrlando.

I wonder what this will be about.
"We are doing everything we can to take care of the families of those we lost and of all our team members as they grieve. In fact, we will be holding a private remembrance event tonight that will involve Universal theme parks across the globe. Please join me in continuing to keep all the victims of this tragedy in your thoughts, prayers and actions."
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