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Disney Gift Card


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Hi all,

So next week is the week, I take the agonizing flight from the UK to Orlando.....can't wait.

For my Birthday a couple of months ago, work brought me a gift card which has arrived in email format. I'm a bit confused though, it says that to validate the gift cards, show the displayed code to a cast member. It's a 16 digit code, however the last 4 numbers are not visible, is that correct?

Also as someone else purchased it in their name, on their card, I won't have any issues there will I?

Queen of the WDW Screne

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It works in the same way as a regular tangible gift card that you hand a cashier to scan.

You also won't need the info of who purchased it just like you wouldn't with a regular gift card.

You just have them scan your phone screen.
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