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Disney Genie, Genie+ officially introduced along with confirmed details of how it will work


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That sword cuts both ways. If one is a self-professed social justice warrior, why would you support a company that deliberately prices out the under privileged? Perhaps they privately prefer not to associate with the very people for whom they publicly claim to have such compassion.



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My expectations aren't crazy high.

Can't say I've been all that impressed by any of the more recent attractions (and by recent, I mean in the last Decade since that's recent down here in crazy-town) besides FOP but since the pickings are slim and the wait for Haunted mansion is often long, I still want to try it some day.
…you’re pretty close to the bullseye here


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I just canceled 2 of our vacation days in November. Now we will go in on Monday and leave Thurs. The only reason we are going to go at all is because I cannot get a refund on MK Christmas party tickets so we will get in late Monday, go to party Tuesday night, pool time and resort hop Wed. and leave Thursday. I don't even have any desire to visit the other parks on our last trip ever. It's all ruined for us with all the changes. (just our opinion, no need for snarky comments, please)

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