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Disney Genie, Genie+ officially introduced along with confirmed details of how it will work


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I'm mostly thinking of stuff like the TGI Fridays and Famous Dave's and Subway being there instead of something original, but it's been a decade. I would not be surprised if it all improved under Ouimet.
They added a Western themed Jungle cruise type ride this year. They have been doing a lot to make it more family oriented. I kind of wish more people would give it a chance.


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There's some validity to both perspectives.

Earlier at least one person said they'd pay for Genie+ but cut the equivalent elsewhere so "Bob doesn't win". I mean, if you pay for Genie+ but buy two fewer churros per day, Disney is getting the same revenue (or more once inflation of prices is taken into account). By all means, do what you have to do to make a trip work for your budget, but nothing will change as long as people keep going.

While I completely agree it's reasonable to criticize aspects of Disney but still go due to what value is still provided, it just feels like most people are really really unwilling to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to displeasure with Disney.
Personally, I'd argue Bob is winning. The revenue may be the same but those churros, per unit, cost way more to make, store, transport and serve than the essentially free-at-scale Genie+ does.

So yeah people, protest by spending the same on stuff that costs Disney less. Maybe if enough people do that, Bob can shut that churro stand down as a cost saving measure and increase profit even more.
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It's why it's hard for me to understand the emotional attachment. I don't have that family attachment that a lot of you have for Disney either. The only thing in my life I can equate it to is how much I was blown away my first time visiting Cedar Point. Seeing that skyline of those massive steel coasters I was in awe.
Well, there you go. We’re coming at this from different angles and I understand yours. While I got my enjoyment of Disney from my mom, my dad has for years jokingly said, “Y’all know it’s the same mouse, right?”


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It does have be an either of proposition. If you hate what it's become why continue to support it? My guess is you're addicted to the pixie dust and can't stay away.
That sword cuts both ways. If one is a self-professed social justice warrior, why would you support a company that deliberately prices out the under privileged? Perhaps they privately prefer not to associate with the very people for whom they publicly claim to have such compassion.


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i still can’t quite wrap my brain around it 😎
My expectations aren't super high.

Can't say I've been all that impressed by any of the more recent attractions (and by recent, I mean in the last decade since that's considered recent down here in crazy-town) besides FOP but since the pickings are slim and the wait for Haunted mansion is now often long, I still want to try it some day.
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