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Disney Genie and Genie+ at Walt Disney World


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If this IS truth. How quickly does it take for it to be actioned (based on other ideas that have been implemented?) Are we talking days, weeks, months, seasons?


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It's only screwing people who buy hoppers though, right? Which really is probably mostly resort people? I would think anyways.

This is so bizarre. I'm having trouble even believing it! Why are they doing this?


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I could be wrong on all of this.

The rumor is that we'll soon see per-park Genie+ pricing. So if you want to use G+ at two parks, it'll potentially be 2 separate purchases.

No word yet on prices.

I don't expect prices to drop, at least at MK and HS. For one thing, a price drop would essentially be a discount to guests who only visit one park per day. And there's already enough demand at the popular rides. A price drop would only make that worse.

I've heard (but not seen) that the MK price will be the same as "all four parks", which would encourage you to go somewhere else after the MK. That's another way of shifting demand.

I'd expect lower prices at AK and EP, in part to encourage people to go to those parks. Also, as we've shown with ETPE, there's really no need for G+ for resort guests using ETPE at AK. So this per-park strategy allows them to reprice the value proposition.

I still expect per-park prices to fluctuate every day.

I've not seen how IT will implement all of this. I'd expect that any sort of change/refund will require you to visit Guest Relations, since I doubt that will be built into MDE.

ETA: This is just for WDW, not DLR, which is not changing (I'm told).
So they figured out how to double charge you for the parks now they have found a way to double charge Genie+!!! impressive Disney


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@lentesta is the price for the "lesser" parks going down a bit while MK stays the same or rises a bit with the "hopper" option? I'm not seeing any news on this out in the world just yet.


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How bad is the pricing? How the word I can't use here will it work?
This will be key. If it is priced in a way where it adds up to roughly what you would have paid before it won't be as bad but it is still making things more complicated then it needs to be and it does nothing to address that feeling of being nickel and dimed to death.


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This is an absolutely bone-headed move. How long do you think the lines will be a guest services when people buy G+ and don’t realize it no longer works for all four parks? This is just making another complicated system even worse.

I was also told there wasn't an IT budget for scenarios like refunds or "I bought for this park but now we're headed to that park." So expect manual interventions there. I could be wrong.

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