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Disney GC and APs


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This year we will be getting APs. I'm so over all the "stuff" people want to buy the kids so I asked them to get them Disney gift cards to go towards their APs. That way it's less stuff and they all chip in on something this kids really want (it also helps me out ). Then I was wondering...can I use Disney gift cards online to purchase APs?? I'm sure I can go on there and ask through the chat but y'all always have great advice tips and tricks!!


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Usually requires a people call, but go to Disneygift card.com and merge them into as few as possible first.


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I paid for my APs using gift cards, but I ended up paying at the park as I had free dining on my reservation and decided to keep it. I just waited until my first day and then upgraded my 6-day hoppers to APs.


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To answer your question, yes, but as mentioned about, it could require a phone call to the house of mouse. Especially if your total is over $1000 since you’re using multiple gift cards at that point.

Also, although it involves more work, if you purchase discounted park tickets from anywhere but Disney, after your first use and up until 14 days after, you can apply the ticket to the cost of an AP except the advantage is that you should get credit for the full ticket value, not the discounted price paid. With some places, depending on the ticket, that could result in significant savings.
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