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Disney Fantasy dining questions


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We leave next Saturday on the Fantasy for the 7-night Western Caribbean itinerary. :) This will be our 3rd cruise (2nd for most of our kids), and we're still learning all kinds of things. There's a cake of the day? Another thing I need to find out about now! :hilarious: Also didn't know you can switch up your dining rotation. Should we? Which restaurant should we try to eat at 3 times on a 7-night cruise? Does it matter? :eek:
I don't think it really matters about which restaurant you end up dining in the last night. You will get the same menu and all of the entertainment is all done before then. So you are just basically sitting in the restaurant. I mean, if you really love the theme of one and want to see it a 3rd time then you can go through the hassle of changing your rotation. But you are not missing out on anything.


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This will be my 4th time on the Fantasy and my 9th Disney cruise. It is just starting to feel like home.
Ooooo, one more to Platinum! We've been Platinum for a little while and really like it. Our Server once told us that the crew gets nervous when they see the Platinum lanyards, because THEY know that WE know what to expect, and they know they need to be in top form.

Our last cruise, we were the second family to board the ship; the cruise before that, we were the third family. Platinum cruisers tend to get really low boarding numbers. It's SOOOOO cool to walk onto the ship before almost anybody else!

On another cruise, I stupidly waited until the last minute to make my final payment, and all the available Palo reservations were taken. So when we boarded, I walked up to Palo to see if there was anything available. (There always is. They hold back several slots for people who couldn't book online.) The hostess asked for my cabin number and then said, "Oh, Mr. Elias, we were expecting you." They do like their Platinum cruisers!
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Which restaurant should we try to eat at 3 times on a 7-night cruise? Does it matter? :eek:
It only matters if you have a favorite restaurant, which you don't have yet because this is your first cruise. When we sailed on the Magic, my dad used to love Lumiere's restaurant and always requested the rotation that started with that restaurant.

On the Fantasy, I think my favorite is Enchanted Garden.
Room service is an amazing treat. My wife insists on a balcony because her morning ritual is coffee and chocolate croissants from room service, eaten on the verandah.

There's no charge for room service, but usually tip the delivery person a couple bucks.
After reading all kinds of suggestions on the forums, we made sure to bring $20 in one-dollar bills just to use for tipping room service. It worked out PERFECTLY! And our verandah was used just like yours. :)
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