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News 'Disney Enchantment' coming to Magic Kingdom October 1 2021


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It'll probably grow on me over time, but it really needs more castle/FL pyro. There seems to be a big lack of it compared to HEA. High pyro/fireworks is consistent, so there's that.
Okay, the original song and the Tinkerbell release are meh. The middle is fine, it seemed like a bit better use of projections having characters trigger fireworks like with Merida from HEA though some parts like the Toy Story scene from HEA were also excellent mapped. Middle could be swapped into HEA and I'd be fine with it. Beginning song was fine. It's not as good as HEA from a first look due to the above bits of audio but, it's significantly better laid out than HarmonioUS and the projections/fireworks are great otherwise.

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