News 'Disney Enchantment' coming to Magic Kingdom October 1 2021


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Pyro update:
Rejoice! Some major pyro changes finally happened to the finale about a week ago.

Those (cheap) horse tails have finally been replaced with some nice regular shells (3 exact replacements). This happens during the "Wherever you go, you have it" part. There were no other changes I noticed afaik.

Here's a short comparison video I made of the two showings on September 22 and 26 respectively.
The change occurred on the 24th since there was MNSSHP on the 23rd and 25th.

Crazy. I was standing near that spot on that Monday. 😂 On the train station side of Crystal Arts.

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Looks like the HEA project has begun:



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No, I think it just started. Which means 90 or so days to get whatever changes they need done. Expect >90% of the show we had, IMO.
Hopefully most of the show stays the same. My guess is that they’re adding me shoot projections, putting new characters into the projections and maybe switching out a scene or two. The most likely scene to be switched out is probably Moana because the music is a very clean transition.

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