Disney Dreams stage show temporary hiatus


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Got this email today regarding my April 16, 2020 sailing on the Magic:

Dear Charles Elias,

We are writing to let you and your clients know of a change to the entertainment programing during their sailing. Your assistance in communicating this information is appreciated.

Between April 16, 2020, and May 22, 2020, Disney Dreams - An Enchanted Classic will not be performed as we refresh portions of the show and scenery. During this time, popular variety performers and first run movies will take the stage in the Walt Disney Theatre. Twice Charmed - An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story and Tangled: The Musical will also be performed during the cruise.
Kind of bummed. I like Dreams more than Twice Charmed, personally. I'm really relieved that Tangled will still be showing.


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Interesting, but it makes sense. Can't always wait for a dry dock to repair set pieces for a show that runs 2-4x per week for the past 16 years.
Magic's next dry dock is scheduled for September 2020 in Spain just before the transatlantic returning to the US
The show will be out of rotation for all of the Miami sailings, and will be back for the first 7 Night Mediterranean sailing on May 23

Jonathan Dalecki

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They have to rework it to a version that's less "11 year old leaps out of bedroom window to her death, mother claims she believed she could fly." I mean, I love this show, and last year the Anna was the best I've seen, but my wife and I always crack up just a teeny bit at the ending.
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