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Disney Depression? Is there such thing?

Jane Whalebones

Active Member
YES, YES!!! I have it now. I was at the World in June for 7 days, and I always get the "Disney Blues" on the last day. However,since I am part of WDWMAGIC it helps and gets me by until the next trip. Thank you, Disney Family. :p


Well-Known Member
I don't get depressed over it. I'd say I just get bummed the trip is over since that ins't as strong a word. But after my first day back in my normal routine I'm pretty good and just look forward to my next trip.


Active Member
Whew, good to see these replies ! I was starting to think I was nuts ! I've traveled all over & the only time I get the blues is after a WDW trip. Btw, 4 mhs, 26 days,14 hrs &18 mins to go!


Well-Known Member
If you talk to your local shrink they may dispute it, but anyone around here will tell you it's a REAL thing. Everything is fine ----
you and your happy family come tearing off the DME into the resort---
luggage in hand getting ready to start your AWESOME WDW vaca...
It starts about day 3 into your WDW trip...creeping in at the back of your mind...but you push it away...I still have so many days left...
then it continues to nag at you...then before you know it you're making the walk of shame with your luggage, toward the airline check in...your hanging your head---nobody in the family is talking to each other...you look up because you just about get plowed over by that obnoxious family tearing off the DME -- going to start their effing stupid WDW vaca...You know the type? All smiles and happy...then you find yourself full on depression. You can't even visit WDWmagic because guaranteed they'll be some a-hole talking about "63 more days" Yeah! You know the type right? So you sit there at work looking at pictures and think how the h3ll do i get rid of this horrible feeling..."I know! Plan another vacation!" Better get on WDWMagic talk to my friends and get some news and tips.....and it starts all over again....
This, exactly! I don't really think it could be put any better. :)

Susan Savia

Well-Known Member
By the end of 2 weeks visiting the world, I am usually ready to get back home to my animals and house. By this time we always have the next WDW trip scheduled and so it makes the transition back home again, less painful.


Well-Known Member
I used to have "Pre Disney Depression". If I thought about a trip too much before I went, I used to get depressed thinking "in just a few weeks, I'll be back from WDW and have nothing to look forward to". And this occurred one-to-two weeks before I arrived. I cured this by:
  1. Not thinking about WDW too much before a trip.
  2. Moving 1000 miles south so I could be within driving distance and visit WDW more often!


Premium Member
It's killer, no doubt. I live a short drive away from Disneyland, so it's great to go there often, but I find myself longing for the WDW classics a lot. Leaving property is always really sad, too.


While I am usually ready to go home, I always begin to look forward to our next trip. I think I would be in a state of depression if I knew I would never go back. Some cultures have no words for "good bye". Travel Well!


Well-Known Member
We know it all too well around here! I go through this "DD" all the time! It starts for me when they put that DME envelope on your door the day before you leave to go home.. anyone who uses DME should know that feeling. I wanna cry everytime. I have really been going through DD because I haven't been to WDW in 4 years!!!!!!!!!! less than 2 months that will go away though yay!!!! :D


Well-Known Member
Ok, so I don't believe PDD (Post Disney Depression) is recognized by the AMA but I've suffered from it after each trip, especially the last two. As we drove away I was practically in tears. After our last trip back in Sept I was seriously blue for a couple of weeks. I couldn't even bring myself to look at anything Disney related, especially these boards! So to me it's definitely a real thing.


Well-Known Member
After reading these and other posts about this depression or lingering saddness, I've been trying to figure out what could be causing this. I posted a few ideas before, but now I'm beginning to wonder if it's something else. Perhaps it's the near total removal from the "real world" and it's protective bubble it provides. "Nothing bad will happen here", "tomorrow will be fun and exciting", "I'm so happy here!". In our everyday life we seek to achieve peace, true happiness, to free ourselves from stress and grief, and WDW, even in short visits, promises this and in most cases delivers. Home brings stress, work, the rat race of life. I'm not saying this is the case for everyone, but maybe it plays a part in contributing to the "blues" we sometimes get.


Well-Known Member
My wife always laughs at me, she goes to cure my fix and enjoys Disney but she isn't even close to my level. She can tell a change in my attitude going into the last day, she says I get really hyper and trying to squeeze every last thing in that I can. By the end of the day my mood has changed to much more somber, until its the last time you leave a park. This just intensifies the next morning and during the trip home!

But it does make that first day of the next trip just that much sweeter!!


Well-Known Member
Real depression, no.

But the I Wanna Go Back SO Badly! kind...we've all been there.

Start planning your next trip!! :)

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