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There have been a number of changes since the last FAQ, so we've put together a newly updated 2015 Disney Cruise Line FAQ to help with your planning.

Adult Only Restaurants

Palo and Remy are by reservation. Remy is only available on the Dream and Fantasy, and Palo is available on all 4 ships. These can be booked online once you are paid in full and your booking window opens up. If you are unable to secure a reservation online before boarding, you may be able to get one as soon as you board at Rockin Bar D (Magic), Wavebands (Wonder) and D-Lounge (Dream), or at the restaurants themselves. Check the Navigator you are given in the terminal to see where to go and make bookings.

Alcoholic Beverage Policy (Updated)
Bringing liquor onboard at embarkation:As of September 30, 2015, any liquor, spirits or powdered alcohol found in checked or carry-on luggage will be taken and stored until the end of the sailing.

Bringing wine or Champagne onboard: Passengers (21 years of age and older) may bring onboard two bottles of unopened wine or Champagne (no larger than 750 ml) or six beers (no larger than 12 ounces) on embarkation day and in each port of call. The alcohol must be hand-carried in a day bag and/or carry-on luggage. Carry-on luggage dimensions cannot exceed 22 inches wide, 14 inches high and 9 inches deep. Disney Cruise Line reserves the right to remove fragile items (including beverages) from checked luggage, and the items (as well as any in excess of the stated limits) will be stored to return to the passenger at the end of the voyage.

A $20 corkage fee per bottle is charged for consumption in the main dining rooms, Palo or Remy. (The fee will increase to $25 on September 30, 2015.) Passengers may not bring their personal beverages into any other venue, including public decks.

Arrival Time at the Port and your Boarding Time
As soon as you are paid in full and your shore excursion booking window opens, you can check in online. At the end of the online check in process, you will be able to select a port arrival time. Disney will assign you a boarding number based on your selected port arrival time. If you arrive earlier than that time, and the terminal is not full, you can enter but will most likely be given a higher boarding number than those with earlier arrival times. Platinum

Castaway Club members as well as concierge guests do not have to worry about port arrival times. It does not apply to them. For Disney’s Bahamian and Caribbean cruises, check-in registration begins at 11:00 a.m. and embarkation begins at 1:00 p.m. All Guests must board the ship no later than 4:00 p.m. Please plan your arrival accordingly to avoid the possibility of not being permitted to sail with us. For the European and Mediterranean cruises, check-in registration and embarkation typically begins at 11 a.m. *NOTE All of these times are subject to change and it is advised that you always check your cruise documents for the most accurate time for your sailing.

If you’ve added Disney transfers to your reservation and are coming from Walt Disney World, you will still pick a port arrival time during online check-in. However, this time is irrelevant. The night before you sail, you will receive a letter in your room with your bus pickup time.

If you like bathroom space, then you’ll love the rooms layouts of Disney’s ships. The verandah rooms come with a split bathroom, and some of the inside staterooms (the vast majority on the Dream), have a single bathroom.

Beverages on Board (Free)
Soda/Iced Tea/Coffee/Hot Water and Tea bags/are some of the free offerings at the beverage stations and in the dining rooms.

Church Services
Disney tries to get the appropriate clergy onboard for holy holidays including Easter and Christmas. Otherwise if there is a priest onboard that would like to hold a service, Disney will give them a space to do it and put it in the daily navigator.

There is a non denominational service on Sunday mornings and it's listed in the Navigator.

Contact Information
The emergency ship to shore number is 1-888-322-8732.

Deck Plans
Disney Magic

Disney Wonder

Disney Dream and Fantasy Deck Plans

Dinner-late dinner with young children
For those with late dining and children ages 3-12. If you would like to participate, inform your servers. They will bring the children’s meals out as quickly as possible. About 45 minutes after dinner begins, children’s counselors from the kids club will come pick up the children and sign them in to their respective clubs.

Dinner and Show Times
Currently on all 4 ships there are two dinner and show seating times. Each night, there is a Main Seating and a Second Seating for dinner. On all Disney Cruise Line ships, the Main Seating begins between 5:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. and the Second seating begins between 7:30 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. For your assigned seating time and restaurant rotation, please check the dining tickets located in your stateroom upon arrival. Please note that times may also vary based on itinerary.

When you book your vacation, you may request either the Main or Second Seating. If your seating preference is not available, an alternate seating will be assigned. Regretfully, requests for a specific dining time cannot be guaranteed. You can ask to be put on the waitlist for your preferred seating time and if it comes available before your sailing, you will be moved to it.

Remember, you can also enjoy the convenience of 24-hour room service in your stateroom or the flexibility of Casual Dining and Quick Service dining options throughout the evening.

Please keep in mind that these times are always subject to change.

Disney Cruise Line Navigator App
The app is currently available on the Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic, and the Disney Wonder. Best of all, we will be adding new features every step of the way.

How It Works
Download the app—available for free in the Apple App Store℠ for iOS devices and Google Play™ for Android devices—before you arrive at the embarkation port and then, once onboard, connect to the ship's WiFi network—complimentary for app use only—and enjoy your vacation like never before!

With just a simple tap of your smart phone, effortlessly find up-to-date information about:
  • Character experiences
  • Deck Parties
  • Dining
  • Entertainment
  • Live shows
  • Nightclubs and lounges
  • Ports of call
  • Spa services
  • Shopping
  • Youth clubs
You can also:
  • See what's happening every minute of every day
  • Save favorite activities to one convenient list (and receive notifications to remind you when your favorites are happening)
  • Explore the ship from bow to stern, deck by deck
The Disney Cruise Line Navigator is your handy guide to the magic that awaits your entire family while on board so you never have to miss a thing!

Dress Code at Dinner
Dining dress requirements vary by venue or theme night on your cruise. In general, most meals are "Cruise Casual"—no swimwear or tank tops. Most cruises also have special theme nights with optional opportunities to get dressed up for a special family photo. Here's a breakdown of these events by cruise itinerary.

On 3-night cruises:
  • One cruise casual night—No swimwear or tank tops
  • One pirate themed night (deck party)
  • One "optional dress-up night"—jacket for men, dress or pantsuit for women
On 4-night cruises:
  • First night is cruise casual—no swimwear or tank tops
  • One pirate themed night (deck party)
  • One optional dress-up night—jacket for men, and dress or pantsuit for women
  • Final night is cruise casual—no swimwear or tank tops
On 7-night cruises:
  • First night is cruise casual—no swimwear or tank tops
  • One pirate or other themed night (deck party)
  • 3 additional cruise casual nights—no swimwear or tank tops
  • One formal and one semi-formal night—two great opportunities to dress-up and take advantage of the onboard photography services. Though optional, we recommend for men: dress pants with a jacket or a suit; for women: a dress or pantsuit.
Dress code at Palo:
  • Men: Dress pants and dress shirt (a jacket is optional)
  • Women: Dress or pantsuit
  • No jeans, shorts, capri pants, flip-flops or tennis shoes
Dress code at Remy:
  • Men: Dress pants with jacket (sports or suit jacket) is required—ties are optional.
  • Women: A dress, cocktail dress, pantsuit or skirt/blouse is required
  • No jeans, shorts, capri pants, flip-flops or tennis shoes
Guests that prefer more formal attire on the optional dress-up evenings are invited to pre-order tailored formalwear rentals and have it delivered directly to your stateroom upon arrival. To learn more, visit Cruiseline Formalwear.

Dry Cleaning
Dry cleaning is available on all the ships. They will also simply press your clothes for half the price of dry cleaning. Details are in your stateroom.

Excursions - see Port Adventures

Flight Times
Recommended arrival and departure flight times vary by port. For Port Canaveral, you must be checked in by 4:00 PM. There are no exceptions. The port is about an hours drive from MCO. It's best to arrive early in the day, or better yet the day before. In Port Canaveral the ship usually clears customs by 7:30 AM. There are exceptions to that. Disney recommends not booking your departure flight before11:30 out of MCO.

Ground Transportation
Disney offers ground transportation from the airport to the port and back for all their departure ports, and from WDW to the port or port to WDW for their sailings out of Port Canaveral. Prices vary depending on the departure port. Children under the age of 3 are free.

Port Canaveral - $35 per person each way.

Alaska out of Vancouver - $25 per person each way.

Alaska out of Seattle - $30 per person each way.

Galveston - $90 per person round trip.

Mexican Riviera (out of LAX) - $30 per person each way.

Helpful Information
Pack your swimsuits in carryon’s so kids can swim before your room is ready, and while the pools are quiet.
  • Disney has a fun pirate night one night of your cruise, so bring some pirate gear to wear if you’d like!

  • Call 888-325-2500 the week before your cruise to find out what movies will be playing on your cruise.

  • When you’re packing, lay all the clothes out you think you need. Then reduce it by half.

  • If possible, spend the night in Port Canaveral the night before your cruise. Then you can get to the port right when it opens and be in one of the earliest groups to board and maximize your time on board.

  • If your sailing is not full, it may be possible to upgrade for a reduced price once you arrive at the terminal. Ask about availability when checking in.

  • If you did not get Palo or Remy reservations and want them, go to D Lounge or Palo on the Dream, and Rockin Bar D on the Magic and Wavebands on the Wonder, as soon as you board to get reservations or on a wait list. They do have dress codes that are enforced.

  • The sports simulators on the Dream are free on the first afternoon.

  • When you’re at Guest Services pick up tickets for Tea with Alice (on 7 night or longer cruises) for any children and adults who would like to go later in the week.

  • The coffee table in your room opens up for additional storage. On the Magic and Wonder the coffee table will rise and lower.

  • Suitcases will fit under the bed on all the ships. For larger suitcases, lift the corner of the bed and slide them underneath.

  • There are irons in the laundry rooms on each deck. Keep in mind that some laundry rooms do not supply hangers or tables so you may want to take some just in case. You can also get your clothes pressed through the dry cleaning services onboard. On the dry cleaning price list, pressing is half the price of dry cleaning.

  • You may use a credit card sized card (such as a grocery card) instead of your stateroom key to keep in the slot that controls the lights. This will keep the electricity flow to your stateroom even after you leave (which can be very important if you need to charge electronics). If you are not charging electronics, please remember to remove the card to save electricity.

  • Keep an envelope of $1, $5, and $10 bills in the end table to tip room service.

  • If you have an iphone or similar phone, make sure you put it in airplane mode or turn it off so it does not continually check for emails. You could be stuck with some huge international roaming charges.

  • On the Dream, if you get confused about which direction to go to reach either the back or front of the ship, look at the carpet. The globes on the carpet will direct you – if the globe is right-side up you are heading to the front of the ship (forward) and if the globe is up-side down you are heading to the back of the ship (aft).

  • Bring bubbles to the sail away party.

  • Take advantage of room service. It’s free!! Except for soda and a few packaged items listed on the bottom of the menu.

  • Order the All Hands on Deck Cheese platter to snack on while you’re getting ready for dinner.

  • You can mix and match menu items from different entrees.

  • You can always get a Mickey Mouse Bar for dessert in the dining rooms, even if it’s not on the menu. Room service also has them, though they’re not listed.

  • Take time to try the Midship Detective Agency located midship on deck 5 on the Dream.

  • There is a quiet deck all the way aft on deck 7 on the Magic and Wonder.

  • Take some time to relax in the deck chairs on deck 4. It’s also a fun place for shuffleboard for the kids.

  • If you would like to take a bath, push the lever on the faucet toward the wall. If you would like to take a shower, pull the lever on the faucet toward you. In addition, when taking a bath, turn the lever under the faucet to the right to engage the plug.

  • The outlet on the ceiling in the bathroom of the Dream is a shaver-only outlet. Do not plug hairdryers, etc. into this outlet.

  • To set a wake-up call on your phone on the Dream, do not pick up the receiver and press the globe button above the number “3” on the keypad. Follow the instructions on your phone’s display.

  • The cards to order room service for breakfast are in the desk in your room. Just fill them out and hang them outside your door before you go to bed.

  • When using the Wave Phones, to make a call press the OK button, unlock, and enter your stateroom number followed by either the number 1 or the number 2 (whether you press 1 or press 2 is determined by the number of the phone you are calling).

  • Your stateroom host will bring you ice, more hangers, etc., just ask.

  • Diaper Genie units, cribs and playpens are available complimentary upon request from the stateroom host/hostess for use during the cruise.

  • Bottle warmers, bottle sterilizers and strollers are available complimentary at Guest Services for use during the cruise.

  • Baby supplies are available for purchase on the ships. You can also preorder and have delivered to your cabin diapers, formula, baby food, etc. on the Disney Cruise Line Website (www.disneycruise.com) through Babies Travel Lite.

  • You can borrow a stroller (first come first serve) at Guest Services.

  • Skip the Cabanas breakfast and/or lunch buffet one day and eat at Enchanted Garden or Royal Palace. Check your Personal Navigator to see which restaurant is serving breakfast and/or lunch that day.

  • At Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island in the Bahamas, wagons are available to facilitate navigating the island’s sandy beaches.

  • If you go snorkeling, wear a T-shirt or make sure you carefully cover your back in sunscreen.

  • Do laundry on port days or very early/late at night on sea days.

  • Adults can use the showers in the spa if your stateroom bathroom gets too crowded.

  • The jackpot for Bingo rolls over every day if it isn’t done. It can be quite large by the last Bingo session.

  • Put your camera, with the lens cap off, on your verandah in the mornings. Then your lens won’t be foggy for the first few minutes you’re outside.

  • Ask Guest Services for extra Navigators for souvenirs.

  • Guest Services has free seasickness medicine if you run out.

  • Toddlers are allowed in the Oceaneer club with an adult.

  • Instead of paying for packaged movie snacks, order room service or get some snacks and drinks on deck 9 and bring them with you.

  • Go to the DVC presentation. It’s no pressure and they usually give away a $300 stateroom credit.

  • Look for interactive artwork all over the ship on the Dream and Fantasy. There are some great surprises!

  • The kids get free t-shirts if they participate in Friendship Rocks on the last night of cruises on the Magic and Wonder.
- See Vacation Protection Plan

Kid’s Clubs
Children ages 3-10 are registered for the kids club. You should do so online before you arrive. When you check in at the port, you can go get their wristbands and information. Tip: If the line is long, wait until you board. You can go to the club anytime that first afternoon to register them.

For those children under age 3 at the time of sailing, the ships do offer a nursery on-board. Reservations can be made ahead of time just like Adult Dining and Shore Excursions. You are limited on the number of hours you can schedule ahead of time. Once the ship has set sail, the restricition is usually lifted and you can add more time. Keep in mind that these services do incur an hourly fee per child and you are charged for the time you block even if you pick your child up early.

Kid’s Club Pre-Registration
You do not need to register kids ages 11 and up. For kids 3-10, you register them online after you have paid in full.

You can call 888-325-2500 a few days before your cruise to see what movies will be playing.

If you drive or take a non Disney shuttle, you pull up and give your luggage to porters that are all over getting luggage. They take it and deliver it to your room a few hours later.

If you are on Disney transfers, Disney will take your luggage from the airport or your WDW resort and you won't see it again until it shows up in your room (just be sure to attach your luggage tags).

Onboard Booking - Disney Cruise Line placeholder cruise policy
The placeholder process allows Guests to book the onboard offer without booking a reservation for a specific sail date to take advantage of any onboard booking offers. The perks for booking your next cruise while still on the ship include a reduced deposit amount (on sailings 7 nights or more), a 10% fare discount and a shipboard credit from Disney Cruise Line. You will get a $100 onboard credit on cruises of 6 days or less, and a $200 onboard credit for cruises of 7 days or more. You can name your travel agent at the time of booking as long as your current cruise was booked through them, if not it can be transferred to them within 30 days of the booking date. Contact your travel agent for details. Sometimes you will still save money if you've already booked, check about rebooking it onboard to see if the price is lower.

This takes the place of those bookings that were once called “dummy dates”. The confirmation will include a confirmation number, but will not display details such as ship name, sail date or category. Don’t wait until the last night to do this since the line tends to get very long on the last night. The deposit for these cruises will be $200 per stateroom. The policy of needing to sail within 24 months of the original booking remains the same.

You can also book a specific cruise sailing date on-board, and take advantage of the reduced deposit, and discounts amount as well. Disney Cruise Line periodically changes/updates the discount offerings so always be sure to check with the on-board sales desk on the ship for the most current offers. Also remember to try and book early in the cruise as the lines get long the last night.

Packing List
  • Casual for daytime wear
  • Light jacket or sweater
  • Formal or semi formal clothing
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Swimwear-wear it under your clothes so that you can swim while waiting for your room to be read.
  • Spare set of clothes-in case your luggage is delayed.
  • Rain gear
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste/floss
  • Brush
  • Curling iron/flat iron
  • Blow Dryer on the Magic and Wonder (the dryer in the bathroom is very weak)
  • Dramamine
  • Prescription medications
  • Over the counter medications
  • Makeup
  • Nail clippers
  • Chap stick
  • Favorite styling products
  • Razor/shaving cream
  • Lens solution
  • Mending kit/safety pins
  • Deodorant
  • Band Aids
  • Air Freshener
Identification/Important Documents
  • Passport or Official Birth Certificate and Government Issued Photo ID-make copies and store them separately
  • Cruise Documents
  • Insurance Cards
  • Driver’s license
  • Calling Cards
  • Airline E tickets for everyone in your party
  • Charge cards-make copies of the front and back and leave the copies behind in case the cards are stolen.
  • Travelers Checks
  • $1 bills for room service tips
  • Cash
For the beach/excursions
  • Goggles
  • Water Shoes
  • Snorkel Gear
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Comfortable backpack
  • Soft sided cooler
  • Baby powder (great for getting sand off feet and legs)
  • Binoculars
  • Water proof camera
  • Books
  • Laptop
  • Chargers
  • Cell phones- Don't forget to turn it off or place it in airline mode, otherwise you will have a large phone bill when you return from your cruise. Many phone companies offer an international or at sea plan if you must use your phone.
  • Eye Glasses and/or Contacts
  • Important telephone numbers/email addresses
  • Sound machine
  • Ziploc bags
  • Laundry detergent
  • Photo mailers to protect photos
  • Highlighters (to highlight the Navigators)
  • Hanging shoe organizer for bathroom door (great for easy to lose small items)
  • Collapsible laundry hamper
  • Clothes Pins (to hold curtains closed)
  • Camera and memory cards
  • Insulated Drink Tumblers with Straws
  • Flashlight or Nightlight
Parking in Port Canaveral at the terminal is $15 a day. Some local hotels offer free parking when you stay the night before your cruise.

Currently, you do not need a passport to sail on a closed loop cruise in the US. A closed loop cruise is a cruise that starts and ends in the same US city. The laws are always subject to change but that’s the current rule. Having said that, passports are always a good idea to have and Disney recommends everyone have one. Should an emergency occur, it will make it easier for you to travel home. If you are late getting back from an excursion, or fall ill in a foreign country, not having a passport book can seriously delay your return to the United States. A passport card will only help if you are driving, so a full passport book is recommended. Also, you never know when you’re going to want to take a last minute trip!

Passports are absolutely required for any cruise that starts or stops in a foreign port (including Vancouver, BC). You will not be allowed to board one of these cruises without a passport for every member of your party (including infants).

Passports need to be valid for 6 months beyond your disembarkation date (see here).

Pirate Night
Definitely not everyone, but lots of people do participate. They definitely are dressed up at dinner. On most cruises they give everyone pirate bandanas at dinner too. So even if you didn't look like a pirate when you came in, you can look more like one when you leave!

Port Information
When flying into Houston, travelers have the choice of George Bush International (IAH) and Houston Hobby (HOU). IAH is about 90 minutes from port; HOU is about an hour away. Disney Cruise Line transfers are offered from IAH.

Port Parking information: http://portofgalveston.com/index.aspx?nid=91

Disney Cruise Line also offers 3 pre- and post-night stays at 2 different hotels

Houston Airport Marriott at George Bush International
The Houston Airport Marriott hotel at George Bush Intercontinental provides a welcome retreat, unexpected amidst the hustle and bustle of other airport hotels.

San Luis Resort - Galveston
Recipient of the AAA Four Diamond Award since 2000, The San Luis Resort offers the perfect Galveston hotel and resort experience with lavish accommodations, breathtaking Gulf views and personalized service.

Port Canaveral
Pre-stay Hotels

There are several places to stay the night before your cruise out of Port Canaveral; here are just a few options.

Walt Disney World Resorts - Stay one or several nights before your cruise. You can take Disney transfers from WDW to the port for an additional fee.

The Hyatt in the Orlando airport if you don't want to go to WDW and you don't feel like driving to Port Canaveral this is a good option. If you stay here the night before your cruise you can take Disney transfers the next morning for an additional fee. If you're on Disney transfers, they will get your bags from your room, and you won't see them again until they appear in your stateroom later in the day. Upon your return, you can also get a "day room" there so you can shower, swim, etc., while waiting for a flight.

The Radisson Resort at the Port is a great hotel in Port Canaveral. They have standard rooms as well as suites with large Jacuzzi tubs. They have a large heated outdoor pool.

They also offer cruise packages with free parking during your cruise and a shuttle to the port.

The Residence Inn Cape Canveral is a good choice too. It's all suites with a hot breakfast included. They do offer cruise parking and a shuttle to the port for a small fee.

Disney does not allow anyone to discount their cruises.

Unless an agency held a block of rooms when they were first released, all agencies should have the same price.

Some agencies, such as Kingdom Konsultants, offer onboard credits to sweeten the deal.

The best time to book a Disney cruise is – as soon as possible!

Disney prices tend to only go up as they usually sell out their ships. If a special, such as kids sail free, is released before your penalty period begins, and there is availability, you can apply the special. The least expensive cruises and the most specials offered tend to be times when kids are in school.

There are some last minute restricted category guarantee fares that are offered. These often take you down to opening day prices. Watch for them if you are traveling last minute. They are IGT (inside guarantee room), OGT (oceanview guarantee room), and VGT (verandah guarantee room). You can not pick your stateroom, just your general category.

Room Service
Room service is available 24 hours a day. It opens a few hours after boarding and closes at midnight on the last night. Room service is free, although you should tip the cast member that brings it to you. The only exceptions are a few packaged snacks and drinks and the charge is notated on the menu. Tip: You can get Mickey bars from room service even though they are not on the menu.

Tips are expected for your head server, server, assistant server and room steward. These tips are paid at the end of the cruise with envelopes provided by the cruise line.

Disney will charge them to your stateroom account unless you stop by guest services and ask them not to. You can also prepay your tips before arrival by calling DCL or your travel agent. Tips work out to about $12 per passenger per night of the cruise. You will also want to tip the following people - Tip the porters who take your luggage when you board and if you use them when you disembark. When your room service is delivered, it's customary to give them a few dollars. Tips are automatically added to bar tabs. Tip excursion operators and taxi drivers if you use them in ports.

Secret Porthole Rooms
On the Magic and Wonder there are certain rooms with portholes that are classified as inside rooms because the window is partly obstructed. You pay an inside price for an outside room. These rooms are 5020, 5022, 5024, 5520, 5522, and 5524.

Stateroom Charges
Charges for excursions are charged to your stateroom. So if you provide a credit card at the start of the cruise, all your stateroom charges (excursions, drink charges, purchases in the ship's shops, Palo/Remy's meals, etc.) will get charged to the credit card.

If you prefer not to have these charges applied to a credit card, you can provide cash, traveler's checks or gift cards to Guest Services in the main Atrium to be applied to your stateroom account.

In addition, if you would like to give yourself an "onboard credit" so to speak you can do that anytime after your cruise is paid in full. Just let your travel agent know, or call Disney and have them charge it.

Also if you have a Disney Visa and want to take advantage of their 6 months free financing.

Port Adventures – Disney Cruise Line
Port Adventures—shore excursions that have been specially selected by Disney Cruise Line—provide you and your family with the very best recreation, leisure and sightseeing each destination has to offer. When you book a Port Adventure, you'll receive an unforgettable experience ashore along with the peace of mind that comes with having Disney do all the planning. Whether sailing into the horizon, exploring an under the sea world, pillaging with pirates or splashing through the waves on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Port Adventures set the course for a whole new way to add even more magic to your Disney Cruise Line vacation.


Reserve a Port Adventure with Disney Cruise Line—instead of booking an independent tour at the Port—and you can be sure to enjoy a hassle-free excursion with all of the service, quality and fun that you would expect from Disney.

Port Adventures are operated by independent contractors that are neither agents of, nor supervised or controlled by, Disney Cruise Line. Disney Cruise Line does not maintain their facilities or modes of transportation and is not responsible for any injury or property damage/loss that Guests may incur in connection with a Port Adventure. All Port Adventures are subject to the Disney Cruise Line Cruise Contract. All Port Adventures are subject to availability and/or cancellation based on weather, itinerary changes, and attendance. Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult on Port Adventures except for specific "teen only" Port Adventures. All prices are subject to change without notice. Cancellations can be made up to 3 days prior to the cruise departure date. After that time all reservations are final and non-refundable

Convenient and Hassle Free
  • Reserve online and have your tickets waiting in your stateroom when you arrive.
  • Avoid getting lost in an unfamiliar port, negotiating fares and dealing with currency exchange.
  • Tour times coincide with the ship's schedule and with other excursions, enabling you to take multiple tours. If the ship arrives late into port, we'll adjust our schedules.
  • If an excursion runs late, the ship will remain in port or we'll arrange transportation to the next port of call at no expense to you. Independently booked tours require you to rejoin the ship at the next port of call—and pay all flight and hotel costs.
  • All excursions are fully refundable for missed ports of call if an itinerary changes.
Service, Quality and Value
  • Adventures include a wide range of activities for all age groups.
  • Expert advice is available onboard with our experienced Port Adventures staff.
  • Enjoy quality experiences at competitive prices plus added value with packages and extras not available elsewhere.
  • The Signature Adventure Collection tours let you customize your time ashore with private vehicles or special experiences unique to Disney Cruise Line.
If you have a GTY state room, you have a chance to be upgraded. If they do not assign you a room, and instead GTY you, it means you are guaranteed a room at least the level you paid for. You will find out your specific room number and category shortly before you sail.

Vacation Protection Plan

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I just need clarification regarding the tips. First it says that the tips for the servers are paid at the end of the cruise with envelopes, but then it says Disney will charge them to your room. So should I not bother with the envelopes and just let Disney charge it to the room?


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The last night of the cruise they will give you envelopes and slips of paper to put into said envelopes saying you are giving the standard tip amount and those charges are applied to your room. You have the option to ask guest services to not charge them to the room, in which case you will still get the envelopes, you will just have to put money in them. You can always add money to the envelopes in addition to the standard tips as well. Hope this helped a little bit!


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The last night of the cruise they will give you envelopes and slips of paper to put into said envelopes saying you are giving the standard tip amount and those charges are applied to your room. You have the option to ask guest services to not charge them to the room, in which case you will still get the envelopes, you will just have to put money in them. You can always add money to the envelopes in addition to the standard tips as well. Hope this helped a little bit!
oh ok, now I see. Thank you for the clarification.


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I know that you can ship items (such as FE gifts) to yourself and they will be delivered to your stateroom, but am having trouble locating the instructions. Can someone help?

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I know that you can ship items (such as FE gifts) to yourself and they will be delivered to your stateroom, but am having trouble locating the instructions. Can someone help?

Here is what I have for information on shipping packages to yourself for DCL.

ONE box per stateroom, no exceptions.
• The package must have the guest full name, ship, sailing date, stateroom number or GTY if you have not been assigned a stateroom number.
• The package also must have a packing slip attached to the outside of the box that details the contents of the package. For prescriptions, a copy of the prescription is sufficient. Your list may or may not be read but it must have one. Write packing slip on the outside of the envelope.
• NO FOODS/DRINKS OF ANY KIND, LIQUOR OF ANY KIND, FIREARMS, ETC.. Items that cannot be shipped to the Disney Cruise Line Warehouse and delivered to the ship include: food products (any and all food products including baby food/formula), beverages (liquor, water, etc.), chemicals, and luggage. These items will not be accepted at the warehouse and will be returned. This may cause the dogs to hit on your box and that would be a bad thing.
• The required size of the cartons you are shipping down have to be about the size of a record storage box 12 inches on a side and should not weigh more than 20 lbs. (This has been asked personally by Dave Adams who is the owner)

Address your package(s) to:
Disney Cruise Line Warehouse
Guest Name / Stateroom # (GTY, if you don't know what it is when you send the package)
8633 Transport Drive
Orlando, FL 32832
Phone: 407-566-8196

In the bottom left corner of the top of the package put the following information: ATTN: HOUSEKEEPING
*Sail Date
*Stateroom Number
*Packing slip that details contents of the package (for prescriptions, a copy of the prescription is sufficient)
• Packages must arrive by Friday by 3:00pm for the 7-Night Cruise on the Disney Magic (Saturday).
• Packages must arrive by Friday by 3:00pm for the 4-Night Cruise on the Disney Wonder (Sunday).
• Packages must arrive by Wednesday by 3:00pm for the 3-Night Cruise on the Disney Wonder (Thursday).

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You can either pre-pay the gratuities or pay when you are there. Use the same guidelines for the cruise as you would for adults and children for your infant.


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New changes for Disney cruise line regarding online check in!
There is a new Youth Activities Registration tab for ages 3 through12. This tab gives you the option to allow self check out privileges for your older children and you can approve children to participate in cooking programs or opt out of certain activities involving common allergens, This also allows you to be able to designate authorized guests that can drop off or pick up your child. You can also change the registration details as well as set up the secret password for those guests.

There is also a new Port Arrival Form that's replaced the previous form. You still need to print this form out and bring it to the port for embarkation.

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