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Trip Report Disney Christmas

We just got back from our 6 day trip at Walt Disney World. We had a great time. We stayed at The Dolphin our 1st night and then The Swan the next 4 nights.
We arrived Tuesday and were doing Magic Kingdom that day. We lost our 22 week old baby a year ago that day so we wanted to spread his ashes where we got married (The Wedding Pavilion). We did this in a flower bed right near the Chapel. We then toured around the GF since we were there. We went to MK the rest of the day but there was a MVMCP that night. So we made dinner reservations at Narcoossee’s. We loved Narcoossee’s. Read some reviewed and some seemed to not like it. We loved it. Food was delicious. And the view was incredible.
Wednesday we did Epcot all day. Rode some rides in the morning and then did World Showcase the rest of the day. We did a lunch at Via Napoli and loved it. These 1st couple days the parks weren’t very crowded which we loved. We knew the crowds would get worse as the weekend approached.
Thursday we did MK again. But we had tickets to MVMCP that night so wanted to relax a bit during the day. Bc it’s a late night at MVMCP. We did a breakfast at Kona Cafe which was delicious. We then went around the MK area resorts to look at all the holiday decorations. GF, Poly, Contemporary and WL. The WL really stuck out to ya with its whole holiday vibe. We took the boat over to MK from WL and spent the rest of the day at MK. The rode a bunch of rides and watched all the shows during MVMCP. Well worth the money in our opinion. We love coming this time of the year and now know MVMCP is a must for us.
Friday we did AK. Family from Tampa met up this day so we did some rides and just kinda relaxed. Which AK is a great park for. I will say that Flight of Passage is now my favorite ride at WDW. Incredible. We did a character dinner at Tusker House. While the food was good, I’d say the food wasn’t worth the price. Probably bc it’s a character meal. There’s not a lot of table service dining options at AK which I don’t like. Next time maybe we will hop over to AKL for a better dinner.
Saturday we did Disney Springs in th morning and then HS the rest of the day. It was cold this day so we didn’t enjoy the outdoors as much as we would have liked. We did a very nice lunch at Boathouse though. Pricey but very good. We did walk around DS for awhile and love the whole atmosphere and all the shopping’s nd dining options. At HS we enjoyed a few drinks at Brass Tap which is a good lil new place. We enjoyed a couple of shows and went on ToT and RR. There’s just not a ton to do at this park right now. The projection show on ToT was beautiful. Awesome to see. Jingle Bell Jingle Bam just doesn’t do it for us. I just don’t like the story line. We left Hs and went back to The Swan and had some drinks and apps at Il Mulino. Nice atmosphere with live soft music.
Sunday was are departure day and we always like doing Epcot our last day. We did the same as most our Epcot days. Rode rides in the morning and went back to WS the rest of the day. We did a great lunch at Le Cellier which we have been to a lot. It was great as always. This day when going around WS we spent more time watching the shows in each country for the Holidays. Definitely worth it. We had to leave the park at 6pm so we didn’t get to enjoy the night cap. Would have loved to stay and do the Candlelight Processional with Kurt Russell that night. That’s on our to do list next Christmas trip. I will say getting the paid extra package seems well worth it for that. I see people waiting in line for the CP for 3/4 of the day. I’d never waste a whole park day to wait in a line. I’d soon rather save the money and do the package including seats for the CP. we on our way out went into both the YC and BC resorts to see there decorations. Also beautiful just not as beautiful as GF or WL.
Overall we had a lovely trip like always and got to see pretty much everything we wanted to. Next trip I do want to go for a week to have a day of some relaxation. Maybe do nothing but resorts a day without any park in the evening. The resorts during the holidays are just beautiful.


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I am very sorry for the loss of your baby, I hope the beautiful resting place you chose will bring you some comfort.
The rest of your trip sounds very nice, I agree with you that Disney does Christmas best, wether in the parks or at the resorts.


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I am so sorry about the loss of your baby. While it is not a fix, being in a place and space you love that is meaningful and peaceful for you like Disney I hope was comforting and joyful. So glad you had a great time. I hear you about having that day of relaxation. It totally changes the vibe and helps slow down. Happy planning for the next one!

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