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Which character do you feel represents you best and why?

I think mine is Goofy. Tall, skinny, a little slow, and sometimes goofy. :)



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I like to think it's Peter Pan or Pinocchio (minus all [some] of the lying and nose growing)....you know, always young. But the Missus says it's definitely more of an Eeyore thang......sometimes, I wish I could just be dumb and happy like that lightning bug in The Princess and The Frog (Ray, I think his name was).


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Every time Disney does their Character Personality tests, either online or at the Animation Bldg, I always curiously take the tests, and I always end up with Jiminy Cricket.
And what's worse is, well....they're right! (I am a Conscience First Class whenever somebody else messes up, and "helpfully" telling someone else How Not to Be a Fool.)
One time, I had to take the "Villain" option on the tests just for a change of pace, and ended up with Shere Khan. That's better. :cat:

(One time, on one photo trip report, someone caught the moment where Cinderella and Hercules had wandered into the DCA Animation Bldg. on their way back from Drawn to the Magic, were having a little improv fun, and tried to do the tests to see which characters they were most like--
Herc discovered he was most like young Simba, while Cinderella discovered she was most like...Lady Tremaine?)

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