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Disney California Adventure vs Disney's Hollywood Studios

Better park?

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Both parks were very similar to each other with their rides and themes. As they stand today, better park?
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California Adventure. The offerings are a bit better. TS Land in Florida I feel is a little underwhelming compared to Carsland.


RotR vs RSR: Radiator Springs Racers is a GREAT ride. It's Test Track with personality, an already cool ride system that was successfully made "more Disney"...and for once that's a non-sarcastic compliment. But is it better than Rise of the Resistance? Nope. Of course, you can always walk across the plaza from DCA if you want Star Wars, but if we give DCA credit for all of Disneyland's rides, then the whole comparison is moot.

Falcon and Star Tours vs. Web Slingers and Soarin': hmm, it would help if they were still running the OG "over California" movie. Haven't done Spidey yet, but it doesn't sound too impressive

Proper Tower of Terror vs. Mission Breakout: not even close. Twilight Zone > Guardians of the Galaxy

RNRC vs. Incredicoaster: a wash, I guess. Both are pretty darn fun.

Runaway Railway vs. Monsters Inc. & Mermaid: I don't consider MMRR a home run, but it's better than both of these combined

The original Muppetvision vs. a clone of Philharmagic: I'll easily pick Muppets, but they're both great 3D shows

Toy Story Mania vs. Toy Story Midway Mania: ...

Slinky Dog and A.S.S. vs. a river raft and a zillion carnival rides: battle of the meh (although some of those flat rides have charm, especially Rollickin' Roadsters, and Goofnut1980 is correct above: Cars Land in general is far superior to Toy Story Land)

Fantasmic vs. World of Color: assuming they're actually happening again, I like them both pretty well

Taking boat to Epcot or bus to AK or MK vs. a quick walk to Disneyland: we're just comparing entire resorts at that point

Maybe this is my east-coast/Gulf-coast bias talking (and I'm even fond of California Adventure, as I have happy memories of taking my first Anaheim trip right after it opened), but I'm still not sure DCA outranks any Disney park except Studios Paris and possibly Hong Kong Disneyland, neither of which I've been to. (Sadly, a visit to the Chinese parks has been sounding less and less inviting over the past few years...wish I had gone earlier.)

This is closer than it should be, since both parks have notable limitations and a few strengths, but I'm voting for Hollywood Studios.


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We last were at DL for the 50th so was different then it is today. We are not huge thrill ride people so only did a few things at DCA. There might be a few more things now we can do but not much. We enjoy Hollywood Studios so that is my vote.

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