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Disney Bus Accident


Mrs. WDWMAGIC [Assistant Administrator]
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Original Poster
I just read that there was a collison between a Disney bus and a car on World Drive near the Contemporary. Six people on the bus suffered minor injuries and two people in the car were injured, one of them was admitted to the hospital overnight for head injuries. Talk about putting a damper on your vacation. :(

Monorail Lime

Premium Member
I'm really suprised this doesn't happen more often. Even though they are trained professionals, it's impossible for the bus drivers to dodge ALL the distracted tourists. There had been some talk of seperate roads for busses in high traffic areas, or at the very least HOV-style bus exclusive lanes on World Drive and some of the others. This accident supports that idea, too bad there's no money to implement it.


New Member
I agree with Monorail Lime... I am amazed this doesn´t happen more often.... Thank God! Tourists driving are so scary! One time we almost crashed when a tourist decided to change lanes after he began taking a curve! When we instinctly honked at him, his wife just turned and waved while we were trying to control the car from flipping over! :eek: :mad:
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