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Disney and Tavistock in talks to develop Orlando age-restricted community


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"Burbank, California-based Disney (NYSE: DIS) is in talks with Tavistock Development Co. to develop an age-restricted community as part of the roughly 27,000-acre Sunbridge development near southeast Orlando's Lake Nona community, Orlando Business Journal has learned.

More details on the size, scope and construction timeline for Disney and Tavistock's age-restricted community wasn't known. Representatives with Disney and Tavistock weren't available for comment.

The talks come on the heels of Disney's revelation on July 15 that it would relocate 2,000 jobs to Lake Nona as part of an $864 million investment.

The planned new community would be like a smaller version of The Villages, a huge age-restricted community northwest of Orlando, sources told OBJ.

It's no surprise that Disney would be interested in an age-restricted concept. After all, The Villages was the third-fastest growing area in the U.S. for housing units in the past decade and is the second most popular master-planned community so far this year in terms of home sales."

"That said, the Sunbridge community, which is in Orange and Osceola counties, has room to grow. Sunbridge can support a combined 22,700 single-family homes, 13,990 apartments, 6,000 hotel rooms along with more than 11 million square feet of office space and 3.9 million square feet of industrial space among other uses."


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