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Disney After Hours BOO BASH


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Just an FYI - nothing is sold out yet. People are getting Halloween tickets within past 20 minutes.

Though I’m hoping everyone on this forum gets the tickets they want, I’m actually hoping some dates sell out before general public sales. It would be a good sign that they are truly capping the attendance.


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I see them on my MDE account as well. I wonder if that is enough and these will be loaded onto our MagicBands or if we will still need to pick up Will Call tix, the hitch feels repetitious.


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Which one would save more: buying tickets from Undercover Tourist or just using Disney gift cards from Target to pay online?


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Cast member I spoke with told me that as soon as they were on MDE we were 100% good to go, could be wrong though.
I've had to call in twice.

The first time, "Carter" (who mistakenly logged my purchase as 3 adult tickets and 1 child ticket instead of 4 adults, thus occasioning the second call) told me I'd have to stop at "Will Call" to pick up tickets, with my photo ID and the card I used to buy the tickets, unless I wanted them mailed to me for $25.

On my second call, "Jay" told me that was incorrect. He said once I'd linked the tickets to MDE -- which, he said, might not show up on MDE until June 15th when the online ticket sales go live, although like the posters above I noticed they showed up today -- all I needed was my MagicBand or MagicMobile for party access, and that there were no physical tickets I'd need to pick up. (He also said that I should call back after June 15th to get the issue with the child ticket fixed, because due to "magical enhancements" -- i.e., trying to get their IT problems straightened out -- he can't even get into the system at present to modify an already-purchased ticket.)

Although they both seemed sincere and genuinely desirous of helping me, Jay sounded older and more authoritative and Carter made a demonstrable boo-boo, so I'm just going to go with Jay's version. :)
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Got our tickets. Took hundreds of calls between my wife and I over the last 24 hours to get through. Once we got through she waited on the line for around 2 hours.

In any case. Booked....

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