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Disney Adults Don’t Care If You Hate Them


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I'm definitely a "Disney Adult" but my love and obsession for the parks has changed and shifted the older I get. I can relate to one of the couples in the article falling in love with another who isn't a "Disney fan" because my fiance is the same way. We've definitely had some tense conversations about where to vacation (nothing as bizarre as ending things, as one did in the article), but I've come to terms with the fact he's just a casual fan, and that's okay.

I've noticed since I moved from Orlando last summer after living there for 5 years, I find myself less concerned with the everyday workings of the park. For instance, I'm really nonchalant about Harmonious replacing IllumiNations (even though I was once hardcore against it), I don't care that the Contemporary is becoming "Incredible", nor do I care about some of the miniscule complaints I see lambasted across these forums. That doesn't mean I love everything, but Disney World continues to be my escape at 29 and it will be my escape when/if I'm 99.

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...That doesn't mean I love everything, but Disney World continues to be my escape at 29 and it will be my escape when/if I'm 99.
As someone who grew up going to Disneyland in the 60’s and loved the parks all my life... until recently... I’d like to offer a bit of perspective. Everything changes. New regimes take control of businesses. Don’t count on WDW being the same (if it still exists) when you’re 99. Theme parks in general could be extinct by then, or have evolved into something completely different.

Enjoy what you love about WDW, but also examine what specific elements there bring you joy, and also seek those elements outside the Disney corporation. Wonderful artistry and wonder exist everywhere. If a time comes when the corporation called Disney no longer offers what you used to enjoy, you’ll find replacements, and you’ll always have the good memories.

Don’t love the corporation run by rich executives who probably can’t even name MK’s lands. Love the history and art created by thousands of talented animators, musicians, artists and performers who have created true magic at Disney over the decades.
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Funny this was in the article
(Some last names have been withheld throughout this piece to protect sources’ privacy).

LOL Buzzfeed.

Not news: Some adults go to Disney World without kids
"News": Some people don't like the fact that adults go to Disney World without kids for some reason

I mean, it's so bad we have to protect the persecuted!

My wife and I went to Disney World before we had kids. She worked at the Disney Store at the time and got a good discount. We knew lots of adults that did this. It didn't even register that it was odd, nor did anyone we talked to about it. This was in the late 90's.

I'm guessing the keywords "Disney" and "Hate" do well in the social media news recommendation algorithms.

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