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Dinosaur Broken Animatronic.


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Yesterday on Dinosaur the first carno AA was just laying on the floor, it looked like it fell over... Anyone know why this is?
I saw this exact same thing but when I rode the running Carno was also just laying on the ground. I felt terrible for first time riders as twice the anticipation built and then, wait for it, dead Carno!


Blink, blink. Breathe, breathe. Day in, day out.
DINOSAUR is legit one of Disney's best thrill rides of all time! In my personal opinion. I wish they could do a better job at maintaining it. It is legit one of the most underrated rides. I can't get as big of a thrill out of any other ride as I can on this ride! Also, I like this ride better than Indiana Jones... But I could be biased because I simply have always loved dinosaurs in general.

I'll be super p'd off if Indy takes over this land. I'd prefer them to replace the carnival with the original plans instead. Animal Kingdom NEEDS dinosaurs! Kids LOVE dinosaurs!!

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